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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 24

Soon after Chapter 24 begins, you’ll be involved in a massive firefight. Clear the entire area of baddies, then head back up to where you entered the area (which is slightly uphill if you forgot) so that the following directional references make sense.

Treasure 1: Bridle Jingles

Walk forward and stay to your right, looping around in that direction as the terrain allows you to. The stone walls will make two corners; check the first one for a treasure.

Photo 1: Pyramid of Omatihictoya

Continue from treasure 1, and look for a very short set of stairs just a few feet away. Climb them and stand next to a lone column. A photo prompt will appear.

Charcoal Rubbing 1

Continue past that lone column up a slight slope and keep to the right. You see a symbol etched into the stone wall, which is also a dead end.

Carving 1: Emblem of Hechitocitzi

Walk back towards the lone column and head off to the right of it. Go around to the other side of a short stone wall to find this carving on the ground in the corner. Notice Drake’s position to the column in the screenshot, which is at the center.

Charcoal Rubbing 2

Go back to the column and look towards the waterfalls. There will be two towers in the middle of the area. Climb up the one on the right to find an opportunity for a rubbing.

Charcoal Rubbing 3

There is another rubbing opportunity on the other tower. Circle around the tower and find a rope to start your climb. (If you climbed this tower first, you can leap from it to the other tower.)

Carving 2: Emblem of Huacatani

From the tower where you found charcoal 3, face the waterfalls, then turn left. You want to head as far as you can in this direction. When you reach the edge of the area, turn around to find a patch of bamboo on the far side of this ‘third’ tower. Cut through to find a carving.

Carving 3: Emblem of Machontonal

From where you found carving 2, head back to the ‘first’ tower (the one on which you found rubbing 2) and run past the right side of it. Descend the short set of stairs, turn left, then turn right again. This carving is on the ground in the corner, just behind a short wall.

Carving 4: Emblem of Xolochimonal

This carving is found kitty corner to carving 3. Look for the waterfall pictured above and pass underneath it.

Carving 5: Emblem of the Tricksters

If you look left of the waterfall through which you passed to find carving 4, you’ll see some handholds leading up. Climb to the top, turn right, and run until you hit the dead end. The carving is on the ground there.

Charcoal Rubbing 4

From where you climbed up to this area, head left this time. There are some symbols on the wall from which you can make a rubbing.

Carving 6: Emblem of the Guardians

Finally, meet up with Sully, give him a boost, and follow him up. Climb up the nearby vine, then turn left when you get to the top. Cut through this bamboo patch to find a carving.

Charcoal Rubbing 5

Continue with the chapter. After Drake says “I can see my house from here,” you’ll be on solid ground. Walk off the ledge, as seen in the screenshot, and climb down to find something to rub.

Charcoal Rubbing 6

Go back to Sully, then hop across the two columns. Before climbing the rope, get a rubbing from this wall on your right.