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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 21

Treasure 1: Chainmail Shirt

As soon as you have control, swipe up instead of down and you’ll paddle the canoe backwards and into this treasure.

Treasure 2: Marcos de Niza’s Rosary

This will be on the right side of the river as you go along. You can’t steer, so the treasure icon will appear regardless of whether or not you actually see the glimmer.

Charcoal Rubbing 1

You’ll row past a broken column to your right. As you do, the charcoal rubbing icon will appear.

Carving 1: Emblem of Yomosakotet

You’ll pass by this emblem soon after a cutscene. It’s on a rock to your right.

Photo 1: Quiviran Aqueducts

As soon as you step foot onto dry land, a photo prompt will appear on screen.

Carving 2: Emblem of Ayhanitico

From where you took photo one, walk straight up the stairs and cut through the bamboo patch. You’ll find a carving on the other side.

Charcoal Rubbing 2

After leaping across the large gap reach the wall (see the screen), instead of climbing up to meet Sully, drop down and shimmy along the ledge to the left. Pull yourself up when you can and get this rubbing.

Carving 3: Emblem of Tochemotli

Immediately after crossing the narrow wooden bridge, drop off the ledge to your left and climb down. On the ground in the corner you’ll find a carving.

Chapter 22

Charcoal 1

From where you’re taking cover at the beginning of the chapter, walk forward about 20 feet then turn right around the corner. You’ll find a stone on the ground which can be rubbed.

Charcoal 2

From where you begin the chapter, you’ll have the option between two paths in front of you. Take the right path, pass under the arch, then climb the structure on your right. At the top, on the left, you’ll find a place to do a rubbing.

Carving 1: Emblem of Omatihictoya

Leap from the top of the structure where you found charcoal 2 to the central structure running through the area. Pull yourself up to find a carving on the wall to your left.

Carving 2: Emblem of Teochicatol

Once you’ve used the turret to cover Sully and the short cutscene that ensues has ended, check the raised ledge to the right of the turret (if you consider the direction in which it faces to be forward). Notice Drake’s position in relation to the turret in the screen above.

Carving 3: Emblem of Mahuaquiotex

Just beyond the part where you give Sully a boost, you’ll notice this structure on your left. Climb the rope to the top to find a carving.

Charcoal Rubbing 3

After vaulting over a log and dropping down about 10 feet, continue on and look for this wall to your right. Make sure to get the rubbing.

Treasure 1: Spanish Horse Bit

Soon after charcoal rubbing 3, you’ll come upon a massive wall. Sully will climb up, but you should go under it via a small archway to the left. Continue along this path and you’ll come upon a bamboo patch. Cut through it to find this treasure.

Treasure 2: Temocazuti

As you and Sully climb along the massive wall, you’ll eventually reach the spot pictured above where you need to leap across a gap to some handholds. When you do, instead of following Sully to the right, drop down and use the vine to reach the ground, where you’ll find this treasure.