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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 1

Photo 1: Peligro!

As soon as the level begins, run immediately over to the driver side of your Jeep. A photo prompt will appear.

Photo 2: Rope Bridge

Just after the short cutscene where Drake and Dante view the bridge, you’ll be standing exactly where you need to for this photo.

Treasure 1: Kuna Death Mask

From where you took the photo of the bridge, walk forward and drop off the ledge. Climb down and to the left. The treasure is nestled in the cliff face.

Charcoal Rubbings #1 and #2

You can’t miss these, since the game forces you to obtain them before allowing you to proceed. Investigate each pillar.

Treasure 2: Survey Compass

Immediately after obtaining the rubbings, do not proceed across the bridge. Instead turn around and head in the direction Drake is facing in this screenshot. The treasure will be on the ground just a few meters ahead.

Treasure 3: Musket Pieces

Once you reach the other side of the bridge, turn to face it and drop off the ledge to your left. Shimmy down the cliff face to find this treasure.

Charcoal Rubbings #3 and #4

Again, you are required to obtain these before progressing. There’s one on each column.

Glyph 1: First Dawn of the Sun

Collecting this glyph is mandatory; it will be pointed out by Dante.

Photo 3: Olucupinele Pictoglyphs

As soon as you’ve climbed the cliff face on which you found the first glyph, look left for a fallen tree. Climb up alongside it using the ledges, and at the top of the area you’ll get a photo prompt.

Treasure 4: Survey GPS

This treasure is very near where you need to stand for photo #3. It’s on the ground under the fallen tree.

Glyph 2: Aspect of the Teochicatol

At about the halfway point of your climb up the pictoglyph wall, shimmy to your left and drop onto a ledge. Here you’ll find an alternate set of handholds leading up to a glyph.