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Uncharted: Golden Abyss collectibles guide

Chapter 7

Treasure 1: Emerald Brooch

Clear the first big room of enemies, then look for these hay bales on the same side of the room from which you entered.

Treasure 2: Watch Fob

From where you found the brooch, continue around the edge of the room in a clockwise direction. Check this drawer for another treasure.

Photo 1: Map of Guerro’s Territories

Look for a map at the far side (from where you entered) part of the room.

Treasure 3: Money Clip

At the center of this room you’ll spot a yellow pipe. Climb up and follow it until you can swing into a room on the second floor. Walk a few feet forward and grab this treasure from near the hay bales.

Photo 2: How to Blow Up A Country

In the same small room where you found the money clip, you should receive a photo prompt if you maneuver into the center.

Glyph 1: Aspect of Itzicaltli

Drop down into the large room where you fought the enemies and climb back up that yellow pipe. Instead of following it all the way, this time you should drop down to the blue beam below. Shimmy along to the right until you find a glyph.

Glyph 2: Aspect of Koahuatqul

Immediately after passing through the door you opened with Chase, turn left to find this glyph on a table.

Photo 3: Revolutionary Graffiti

Follow Chase. She’ll hop over a short railing, but instead of following her, enter the small room to the left. Inside you’ll find a photo op.

Chapter 8

Treasure 1: Wedding Set

As soon as the chapter begins, you’ll find yourself crossing a bridge inside a silo. Jump off the right side of the bridge and take the rope down to ground level. On the ground, near where you land, you’ll find a treasure.

Glyph 1: Aspect of Volcan Baru

After a short cutscene, don’t head up to stairs to engage the enemies just yet. Instead, turn around and cut your way through this tarp.

Treasure 2: Chemists Are Your Friends

Now head up the stairs towards the baddies, but before engaging them, check this pail for a treasure.

Photo 1: Recruitment Poster

After the firefight, Chase will run across to the other side of the area and turn around. Before joining her, head over near this truck for a photo op.

Glyph 2: Aspect of Eternity

Walk around the truck and to this little inlet, still quite a distance from Chase.

Treasure 3: Breathe Deep

Catch up to Chase for a short cutscene and finish the gunfight that ensues. Instead of climbing the rope, head past it into the area you couldn’t reach before (since Chase was blocking it). Inside this shed, behind the pallets, you’ll find a treasure.