You can get four of this year's best PS4 games for less than £60 on Cyber Monday


OK. I know, you're all bargained-ed out. However, there are still some Cyber Monday gaming deals worth caring about and if you've been waiting for reductions on this year's biggest PS4 games, you're in luck. Argos clearly wants to get rid of all of its PS4 games for some reason and that means you can pick up all of the below for under £60. Actually it's under £57 but £60 looked like a better headline so I went for it. Check them out below and if you want more Sony bargains, head to our best Cyber Monday PS4 deals.  

Horizon Zero Dawn for £18.99 (was £34.99): Game of the year contender - and multiple Golden Joystick Award winner - Horizon Zero Dawn won all our hearts earlier this year. Beautiful, bold and unputdownable, Aloy's journey is a must play if you have a PS4 and a reason to pick one up if you don't.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy for £12.99 (was £29.99): Catch up with Chloe and Nadine in this brilliant Drake-free Uncharted adventure. Historical maguffins? Check. Ridiculously brilliant cinematic set pieces? Check. Great dialogue? Also check. This is unmissable Naughty Dog. 

Everybody's Golf for £12.99 (was £29.99): Don't scoff. Everybody's Golf on PS4 is ridiculously good fun even if you don't particularly like golf games. Delivering an expansive open world, this will PUTT anyone in a good mood. No? OK... 

Prey for £11.99 (was £19.99): It's time to find out what everyone was talking about earlier this year with post it notes saying 'not a Mimic.' It turns out waking up in a space station and working out what's happened to everyone while dodging enormous terrifying creatures is pretty stressful but in the best possible way.  

If all of that wasn't enough, other bargainous highlights include The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition for £16.99 and The Evil Within 2 for £20.99. Happy shopping.