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PS5 restock updates: Where to buy a PlayStation 5

PS5 stock where to buy ps5
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Discovering what the latest news on PS5 restock updates isn't easy right now. Understanding which retailer will have what, and more importantly when, isn't an exact science. Ongoing component shortages are meaning that stock isn't free-flowing, but we've been doing our homework and have discovered some patterns. We're here to bring you tips and tricks to gaming the system, which should hopefully get you one step closer to getting your hands on a PS5

First things first, bookmark this page and take a look at the list of retailers below. We've been tracking PS5 stock and these are your best bet for grabbing a shiny new PlayStation ASAP. Amazon is also worth checking every time you have a spare moment or need to stock up on dog food. Finally, make sure you're keeping an eye on our homepage and social feeds, we'll update this page and share the news whenever we hear on a PS5 restock update that you need to know about. 

In the US, PS5 restocks have been happening mostly between Wednesday and Friday, while in the UK the schedule is more unpredictable. We do know that weekend PS5 restocks are especially rare, so make sure you're doing most of your hunting during the week. Your boss will totally understand. 

The biggest thing currently impacting PS5 restock updates though is the global semi-conductor shortage, which just so happens to be a crucial component both for the PS5 and Xbox Series X, but also a number of other big tech items. 

Here are the easiest links for PS5 restock updates in the US and UK:

We'd always advise going with stores sticking to the regular prices rather than giving in to the scalpers on online auction sites. Yes, the PS5 is lovely, but it's not worth paying over a grand for one. The only reason we'll show you something over the basic asking price of the PS5 is if has some bundled extras, but as our lonely PS5 bundles page would attest, we'd just concentrate on trying to find the console on its own for now.

If you're able to bag one, be sure to head on over to our best PS5 accessories and best PS5 headsets guides to complete your setup.

Where to buy a PS5: check these stores for stock

Let's have a closer look at some retailers below. We'll let you know what they've been up to lately and how likely they are to get PS5 restock updates any time soon.

Where to buy PS5 - USA

Amazon - last PS5 restock on July 21
For some super strange reason, Amazon decided to unleash a small amount of PS5 stock the day after Prime Day finished. But despite the strange move, the stock still sold out almost straight away. Keep checking those links for more random drops. Remember though, a PS5 should be $499 and the Digital Edition is $399, so don't get caught out by third-party listings that often appear.
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Walmart - last PS5 restock on July 22
The traditional Thursday PS5 restocks might well be back folks. Sometimes you'll see a time on the listing page when PS5 stock is set to go live on the day. If you just miss out, stick around as it usually updates with another time shortly after for a second or third resupply the same day.

If you fancy giving Walmart Plus a go for free right now by the way, for free speedy delivery, discounted fuel, and other benefits, there's currently a 15-day free trial.
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GameStop - last PS5 restock on July 15
Things are picking up at GameStop with PS5 stock seemingly coming in at least once a week on a regular basis recently. Wednesdays or Thursdays seem to be your best bet. Bundles are often available, so if you spot any you like, dive in as they sell out (slightly) slower than solo consoles.
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Target - last PS5 restock on July 9
After a long period of sticking with PS5 restocks on a Wednesday or Thursday, Target has really started messing with the formula of late. Friday was a thing, then all of a sudden we now have a Monday drop. The early starts of 6-10am ET seems to be holding though and stock is dependant on where about in the US you are. So throw in your zipcode and try your luck!View Deal

Best Buy - last PS5 restock on July 23
This store hasn't been as prolific of late, but given the huge reach we'd never count it out. We've given up trying to predict Best Buy PS5 days as the Thursday/Friday pattern it once favored has been all over the place lately with weekend and Monday drops popping up at random. Great, more randomness.
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12-month PS Plus subscription (US) | $59.99 $37.79 at CDKeys
PlayStation Plus is an essential extra for your new PS5 as you need it to play online. It also bags you a bunch of free games each month, plus access to a selection of classic PS4 games playable on PS5. Chances are your old sub expired while you were waiting for a PS5 anyway at this rate. If it hasn't though, you can stack a new one directly on top. Save £10 in the UK and get it for £39.99.
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Where to buy PS5 - UK

Various Amazon websites in mainland Europe have had stock recently, so we're thinking a PS5 restock drop could be UK-bound at any moment. Keep trying your luck as Amazon hasn't had anything for a while, so the next shipment could be a big one.
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Very has been quiet for a PS5 restock since March. When it does get it, there's often an online rolling queue which perhaps gets around the scalper bots problem, giving more genuine buyers a shot at finding the PS5 in stock. Note: Very often deletes the PS5 product listing page when out of stock, so you might have to search manually for the PS5 on the site.
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The Currys website has been one of the best in the UK as far as bricks and mortar stores adapting to online go and it's been a regular on our PS5 restock updates alerts over the last few months. It often gives people a heads-up on when the next chance to buy a PS5 online will be, although we're not massive fans of having to join a digital queue on the busier days (get yourself signed in and everything in advance folks next time stock is coming), we'll keep you updated here next time that's announced too. Currys has also just launched an online PS5 ballot system for a chance to buy one in person, so that's a hat more than worth throwing your name into if you're tired of the search.
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Calling all you night owls, Argos might be your best store to buy a PS5 from while stock is this bad nationwide. That's because the store tends to put stock online in the middle of the night, often around 3 or 4am. There's very little, if any, warning ahead of time too. We often check out the PS5 stock rumor mill first thing on Twitter in the morning and have seen plenty of threads from frustrated day walkers, although nothing so far this week.
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Where to buy PS5 - Canada

Another item you might want to pick up once you've been able to buy a PS5 is one of the options on our best PS5 external hard drives page to increase your storage capacity. Or if you've got the need for speed, the best PS5 SSD might be worth a look.