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Valheim player lays waste to the final boss with a pack of 50 wolves

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Valheim's final boss is a giant skeleton named Yagluth, but when you pit him against a pack of 50 hungry wolves, he's more like a minor inconvenience than a force to be reckoned with.

In a video shared to Reddit and spotted by PC Gamer, WoodDivision5 parades around an army of 2-star wolves before summoning Yagluth, and then literally moments later, there is no more Yagluth. He's just... gone. Soon to be barely digested wolf droppings.

Follow up to my Wolf breeding post, I decided to take them to Yagluth...again. Solo this time. Yagluth VS ~50 2 star wolves. from r/valheim

If you're wondering how the player was able to get 50 wolves to follow them at once, WoodDivision5 was kind enough to provide a pretty comprehensive explanation. Essentially, the player tamed two 2-star wolves (though technically you'd only need one), and then using an obscure exploit, just them run hog-wild on each other until there were 48 more.

"Breeding is all about how many of them are around each other," they explain. "6 is the max that can be around each other. But, there is a range that they check that you can exploit to have them breed indefinitely" 

The trick was originally meant for breeding boars, but works for wolves too. You just trap your two wolves at the top of a tower 13 blocks high and leave a gap for the baby wolves to fall through when they're birthed. That way, the AI never identifies more than two wolves in one pre-defined space, and you can breed to your heart's content (provided you feed the poor things, of course). Then, just hit E to pet them and toggle them to follow.

It sounds a bit cruel if you're the type to become attached to in-game animals (*raises hand enthusiastically*), but if you want to basically rule the world in Valheim, this is one option.

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