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Valheim mod straps a crafting station to the back of your carts

Valheim Hearth and Home
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This new Valheim mod adds crafting stations to the back of your carts, turning them into mobile command centers so you don’t need to wander back to base when you need to build or repair something.

When you’re deep into the wilderness fighting off monsters and gathering treasure and your sword breaks, normally you’d have to hike all the way back to your base or stop and build a new crafting station every time you want to repair or replace your tools. Enter the Crafty Carts mod, which straps a crafting station onto the back of your cart so you can set up a temporary base anywhere you go.

The Craft Carts mod is available for download from NexusMods and was created by modder rolopogo. The installation instructions state that you’ll need both BepInEx and ValheimLib in order to get the mod working.

Once you’ve got the mod installed, you’ll have access to three variations of the crafty carts which you can build: Workbench, Forge and Stonecutter carts. The crafty carts cost the same resources to build as their respective crafting stations plus ten bronze nails, so it’s not difficult to build one of these handy gadgets either. 

Like their stationary equivalents, you can build in a radius around these crafty carts, which means you can set up a little base camp on your journey. Be careful on your travels though, as some commenters on the NexusMods page have noted that these crafty carts are far more prone to tipping over than their regular counterparts.

If you’re still new to the game and need help getting your first regular workbench set up, then check out our Valheim workbench guide for some tips and tricks.

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