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Upgrade your PS4 storage with this cheap $59.99 WD 2 TB hard drive deal

Upgrade your PS4 storage with this cheap $59.99 WD 2 TB hard drive deal
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If you're the kind of person who hates deleting games from their PS4 home screen, this WD 2 TB External Hard Drive at a very cheap $59.99 over on Amazon is a great pickup so you never have to cull any storage-hogging digital downloads ever again. If you've got neatly organised folders but you're fast running out of room for massive downloads like Red Dead Redemption 2, solve that problem by adding another 2 TB of storage to your console.

This is a meaningful upgrade and a healthy $30 saving. It's also very compact and portable, meaning you can take your gargantuan games library with you on the move. There is no worse feeling than preparing to boot up your favourite game, only for your PS4 to remind you that you can't launch it due to the need for a multiple-gigabyte patch. 

The USB 3.0 connection on this drive also means that you should see a decent percentage decrease in load times whilst playing games that are stored on the external WD drive. 

WD 2 TB PS4 Portable External Hard Drive |$59.99 (save $30)

WD 2 TB PS4 Portable External Hard Drive |$59.99 (save $30)
Grab this massive two terabyte drive to pad out your PS4 games library with a portable storage solution

This is perfect if you've got a game you play on a nightly basis that you've wasted precious hours loading in over the years. It's also plug and play, simply slot the USB into your PS4 and it should recognise the drive immediately. From there you can start downloading and splitting your storage load between the internal and external storage. We love WD drives, and they're among our best PS4 external hard drives.

The WD 2 TB Gaming Drive comes with free Amazon tech support and a 3-year manufacturer's limited warranty too, so you can put your worries aside about potential issues with the hardware to one side. With two trillion bytes at your disposal, it would be very difficult to fill this thing to its full potential, even if you made it your mission to download most of the games you own.

If you want to pick up some more games to pad out your fancy new drive, check out our Black Friday game deals hub to pick up some excellent new games to make use of those two terabytes.

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