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These OLED TV deals at Currys get you a beast of a screen for less than £1,000

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If you've been holding out for an OLED TV deal to get you a top screen for less than £1000, then you have waited the perfect amount of time: Currys' early Black Friday OLED TV deals have brought some absolute bangers down in price, dipping temptingly below the four-figure mark.

The screens on offer in these OLED TV deals are two of LG's famously awesome OLED TVs, and one of the UK's favourites in a Philips panel. The highlight is likely to be LG's OLED C1 model - one of the stand-out, best gaming TVs of 2021 - that can be yours for £999 instead of £1,199. 

Secondly, one of the best pound-for-pound contenders for gaming TVs - despite being a 2020 model - is the LG OLED BX model, and that, in its 48-inch form, can be yours for just £899 (down from £1,049). Lastly, a favourite in the UK TV market, due in part to its awesome Ambilight feature, the Philips 805 4K TV can be yours for just £999 instead of £1,299.

If you've been looking for the perfect OLED TV deal to avoid rolling the dice with the Black Friday LG TV deals and Black Friday PS5 TV deals, then now could be the time to strike. Particularly so if you're at all concerned about potential stock availability during the sales as well as delivery times - if you want a great price, on a great TV, then pulling the trigger now to guarantee you get one might be a great deal in and of itself.

Today's best OLED TV deals

LG OLED C1 4K TV | 48-inch | £1,199

LG OLED C1 4K TV | 48-inch | £1,199 £999 at Currys
Save £200 - This is the TV's lowest ever UK price so is well worth a look if you want to beat the sales and get a quality screen for gaming and movies. The 55-inch is also on offer and has £300 off bring its price down to £1,199 which is still a great price if you need the extra screen size.

LG OLED BX 4K TV| 48-inch | £1,049

LG OLED BX 4K TV| 48-inch | £1,049 £899 at Currys
Save £150 - While it is now slightly older, the BX range of OLED TVs from LG is still excellent. It's got HDMI 2.1 ports, great picture quality, and performance, and at this price offers extremely good bang for buck value.

Philips OLED805 4K TV | 55-inch | £1,299

Philips OLED805 4K TV | 55-inch | £1,299 £999 at Currys
Save £300 -
This is a whopping saving on one of the UK's favourite and best 4K TVs. Its brilliant image quality and value are only further enhanced by its immersion-heightening, atmospheric Ambilight feature. Nice.

The LG models are particularly great from a gaming perspective as their picture quality is immense, the processors are sweet, and they both have proper gaming credentials. The C1, for example, boasts a low input lag of 12.6ms, but also Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) compliance. With that sweet, sweet 120Hz capability through the HDMI 2.1 ports on the LG TVs, these two are certainly early shows for the upcoming 4K 120Hz TV Black Friday deals.

On the gaming front, it is important to note that the Philips panel does not have HDMI 2.1. So you won't be able to crank it up to 120 frames per second, nor will it be featured on our best 120Hz 4K TVs guide. But what it will get you is still an excellent screen for any use, and the Ambilight function is a real highlight of these TVs that not many others can match.

More of today's best OLED TV deals

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