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Smite and magic: win Smite beta codes for Xbox One

Welcome to Smite, a MOBA heavyweight that’s proven itself on PC. It’s also a wildly successful free-to-play, recently giving away $2.6 million to its players at the recent Smite World Championships. Xbox One owners, ready yourself, because Smite is coming to your console later this year.

Choose from one of dozens of gods that have been plucked from mythology, and then fight each other in 5-v-5 battles with iconic powers. You’ll see Zeus throwing lighting bolts while Odin lashes out with his spears, the jackal-head Anubis spewing out a horde of locusts next to the God of Love, Cupid. No, we’re not joking.

What sets Smite apart from traditional MOBAs is that rather viewing the action from way up above, the camera is now tucked behind your character’s head for a third-person action adventure vibe. It’s a simple change that demands revised tactics, and Smite’s being crafted to feel right at home on your Xbox One controller.

And you can play it ahead of its official release later this year. We have codes for the Xbox One closed beta that kicks off on 14 May, and you’ll also have access to the open beta which will be live shortly after. Get in quick – we only have a limited number of codes to give away!

Paul Taylor
Editor of OXM Australia, usually sitting forward, white-knuckling whatever racing game's in my console. Or, staring into the abyss with the latest rogue-like, and when I'm not doing that I'm changing the Y-axis to invert because, yes, thank you, now let's not fight about it.