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The SFX Sci-Fi Quiz App

AVAILABLE NOW! Test your sci-fi trivia knowledge with SFX 's exclusive sci-fi app!

Is your sci-fi knowledge out of this world? Think you know your Buffy from your Bilbo and your Men In Black from your Woman In Black ? Now you can play the SFX quiz app and prove it! Visit the Apple App Store to download the SFX Sci-Fi Quiz to your iPhone or iPad now! Get the SFX Sci-Fi Quiz app if you're in the UK with this link . Get the Quiz if you're in the USA with this link . All other places, either of those links is fine.

It comes with over 1,000 questions in five different categories and it's now live on the Apple App Store . It's sponsored by our chums at Spokenworld Audio .

The SFX Sci-Fi Quiz is available now for just 69p/99c. By the way, if you have an iPhone or iPad and would like to get SFX digitally, remember that with or without the new Newsstand app you can get all our mag content to read on screen now .