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SFX 268 On sale now!

"The Dark Side... the Jedi... They're real..." And you'll find them in the pages of the most anticipated issue of SFX this year! Yes, with Star Wars: The Force Awakens only five - count 'em, five! - weeks away, here's our essential, Hoth-melting coverage of the biggest movie of the decade! It's on sale now so turn off your targeting computer and use the Force! It's calling to you... let it in!

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All the latest transmissions from the furthest edges of the SF universe! ITV unveil The Frankenstein Chronicles, John Hurt's Doctor fights the Time War on audio and Arthur C Clarke's classic novel Childhood's End hits television...


Star Wars is back! Feel the Force-drenched joy in our massive Skywalking celebration! We talk to JJ Abrams and the stars of The Force Awakens in a massive 11-page blow-out. Plus: your essential primer for the new movie, celebrity memories and the weirdest Star Wars stuff you've ever seen...


How do you follow Daredevil? Try Jessica Jones, another slice of street-level grit and mayhem from Netflix and Marvel. Get the inside track on a distinctly different superhero show...


The cadaver-snatching classic gets a new big screen take as Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy team up for a monstrous bromance. Warning: contains stolen body parts. Allergy risk.


Have a Close Encounter with Natalie Dormer, alias ace propagandist Cressida from the Hunger Games saga. We also talk Star Wars, Game Of Thrones and her geek credentials...


Arrow! The Flash! Supergirl! Legends Of Tomorrow! Packed with exclusive star interviews, here's the inside word on how the DC universe is ruling the small screen...


Crimson Peak and SPECTRE on the big screen! Inside Out and Agent Carter season one on DVD! Gregory Maguire's new novel After Alice and Star Wars: Shattered Empire in comics! From high upon a nameless mount the ancient space gods fix their implacable gaze upon the works of mankind... Cosmic judgement has arrived! But first, perhaps, a cup of tea and a Bourbon.

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