Robin set to appear in Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

Holy fanboy-baiting heck, Batman! It seems Robin has just been confirmed for Arkham Asylum 2, if the game%26rsquo;sIMDB pageis anything to go by. Budding Hollywood teen thesp and experienced voice actor Vincent Martella is set to play the Bats%26rsquo; sidekick in one of 2010%26rsquo;s most anticipated games.

Interestingly, Martella will also voice Jason Todd in the upcomingBatman: Under the Red Hoodanimated feature. If you don%26rsquo;t know your Bruce Waynes from your Banes, Todd was the second character to squeeze into the embarrassing green tights, after Dick Grayson, the original Robin went onto become high-flying superhero Nightwing. Long-time Batman lovers may now be at aneurysm-courting levels of rage, as the Todd version of Robin was so unpopular, fans elected to have him offed by the Joker in an opinion poll. Hopefully, he%26rsquo;ll berelegated to a small part and won't appear like this%26hellip;

We%26rsquo;re sure we%26rsquo;ll cope. Just.

On a more positive note, Bruce Greenword, vintage acting man who%26rsquo;s appeared in such films as iRobot and last year%26rsquo;s Star Trek reboot, will play schizophrenic arch evil doer Two-Face.

Mar 9, 2010