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PS5 restock - here's where you might find the console today

PS5 restock
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It's been very quiet in the world of PS5 restock deals so far this week, but hope could be on the horizon as, historically, GameStop and Walmart have been known to drop on Wednesdays. Both retailers last had the console available exactly 14 days ago, meaning we could see them offer the console again today (emphasis on 'could'). 

Given their recent track-record of having a PS5 restock every week or two throughout 2021, with no indication of anything to the contrary, Walmart is probably the most likely of the two. August 25 saw their last known activity, so there's a good chance we could be seeing another drop today. Keep keen-eyed in case the sale goes live this afternoon. 

We've heard a laundry list of rumors on social media stating how it could be the proverbial calm before the storm in relation to PS5 restock deals emerging quickly and suddenly from out of nowhere, so it's worth staying on your toes in case another drop occurs.

That's not to count out Amazon, however. The world's largest online retailer did, in fact, have a very limited PS5 restock last Thursday, so we would always recommend giving it a scan through on any given day just in case units appear online again for a limited time. 

PS5 restock: Last seen at these online retailers

PS5 restock - buying advice

Price: The standard PS5 console should cost you no more than $499.99 / £449, and the Digital Edition retails for $399.99 / £359.99. It's worth reiterating, the latter model tends to hang around a little longer in the times where stock is freshly available for purchase. 

Bundle up: As expected, when PS5 restocks are available, it can be a bit of a waiting game with queues common before getting your shot at securing the system. Because of this, we generally recommend opting for one of the bundles that could feature some of the best PS5 accessories or best PS5 games for competitive prices, meaning you're much less likely to wait your turn and end up empty-handed/disappointed.

Be prepared: Being signed in to the retailer offering a PS5 restock, with your billing information and shipping address pre-loaded, is the best way to beat the rush when it comes to the (potentially) hundreds of people swarming through the gates in a rush to come away with the console. 

Be patient: PS5 restocks may be a little on the lighter side right now, but there will always be another chance to get the console if today doesn't pan out for you. The best advice we can offer, as people that have bought the system online this year the exact same way, is to bide your time (taking into account all steps above) and remember that retailers offer stock in waves. That means you might get another chance at the system even if the console seems to be out of stock - keep refreshing the page and don't give up!

Should you be lucky enough to score yourself a PS5 console today, make the most of its visual capabilities with the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X, or have the action be a little more intimate with the best PS5 monitor to really push that 120Hz refresh rate cap in 4K. 

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