Justice Timberlake

Admit it, you’ve all been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Justin Timberlake as a bona fide – stop sniggering at the back! – movie star. And now the proof has arrived. Well, sort of. Maybe.

What is certain is that the trailer for Timberlake’s acting debut, Edison, in which he appears alongside fellow newcomers to the trade like Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey, has arrived online.

Edison follows a dogged young reporter (Timberlake) trying to unravel a huge police corruption scandal alongside old hand Freeman and investigator Spacey. Though it was shot last year, the film is only just now ready for cinemas. And the trailer doesn’t exactly give us hope that Timberlake’s turned in a great performance: he only gets two tiny lines in the trailer. Still, make up your own mind here .