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Awesome UK PlayStation VR deal! PSVR + camera + 5 games for £210 right now!

Awesome UK PlayStation VR deal! PSVR + camera + 5 games for £210 right now!
(Image credit: Sony)

Always wanted to experience VR, but never been able to afford the headset? Well, thanks to Black Friday, you might be tempted to finally splurge on a futuristic bit of kit. Over on Amazon, they've reduced the price of a killer PlayStation VR headset bundle that includes everything you need – except the PS4 console itself – to start slaying VR dragons and racing VR racers. 

For just £209.99 (a reduction of £70/23%), you can get the PlayStation VR headset, a Playstation camera, and download codes for five games: Skyrim VR, Doom VFR, VR Worlds, Wipeout Omega Collection, and GamesRadar's choice for best PSVR game, Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

Seeing as the games alone are retailing on Amazon for almost £100 all together, and the camera is currently priced at £50, you're only spending £80 on the VR headset. Which, by our count, is an absolute steal. And if that hasn't sold you, then we've sorted through all the best PlayStation VR Black Friday deals for you.

PlayStation VR mega pack | Amazon | £209.99 (23% off)
Pick up a Playstation VR headset, a PS4 camera, and five games for a bargain price. Who knew VR could be so affordable?View Deal

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