SFX.co.uk archive will soon be available on GamesRadar.com

A whole galaxy worth of content from SFX.co.uk, including years of insightful reviews, irreverent features and exclusive interviews, will soon be available to read on GamesRadar.com.

Since November the teams from SFX and Total Film have provided the words for the TV and movie channels on GamesRadar+, which are already being seen by millions of readers around the world. Like a spaceship dumping its fuel tanks, on Thursday 15 January we'll be completing our launch phase by bringing over articles that previously appeared on SFX.co.uk to GamesRadar.com.

The full Total Film archive is already available to view online, but previously only more recent SFX stories made the trip to the GamesRadar+ data banks. Hundreds of older reviews, news and features from SFX.co.uk (including years of sci-fi and fantasy book and TV reviews, star interviews and daft features about some funny face Damon pulled in The Vampire Diaries that week) will be available in the GamesRadar.com archive from 15 January.

This will complete the film and TV migration to GamesRadar+. In other words, we’re properly in orbit after that, and this is the first of many big plans in store for 2015.