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Where to find the Fortnite expedition outpost locations

There have been plenty of changes made to the island in Fortnite Season 8, though familiar sights that still remain are the Fortnite expedition outposts. These bright red buildings with a distinct white logo on top are great places to visit, as they not only house a generous number of chests but are also guaranteed locations of Fortnite Baller vehicles. Thanks to the various map changes, some of the expedition outposts you may have been familiar with from the previous season of Fortnite have now upped sticks and moved to the jungle area surrounding the volcano in the northeast of the island, whereas others remain steadfast in their original locations. We've updated our guide with all the current locations, which you'll find below.

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Fortnite expedition outpost locations

  • D3: On the mountain northeast of Pleasant Park
  • G2-I2: Spread across a wide area north and northwest of Sunny Steps
  • J3: On the hill between Sunny Steps and Lonely Lodge
  • I5: On the hill west of Lonely Lodge
  • A7: On the snowy slopes between Snobby Shores and Frosty Flights
  • A8: The Frosty Flights airfield
  • B8: On the snowy slopes between Frosty Flights and Polar Peak
  • C7: On the hill between Polar Peak and Shifty Shafts
  • D8: On the mountain north of Happy Hamlet

The Fortnite expedition outposts were an integral part of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges in Season 7, with players having to get eliminations at them, visit all of them, and visit a certain number of them in the same match. There hasn't been any mention of them so far in Season 8, but given they're prime locations for both ziplines and Ballers, it's likely that they'll still be key locations as things progress. Remember where they are, as these upmarket tents and structures could really bail you out if you're hunting for loot or a way to travel fast.

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