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Compo Hasbro Iron Man 2

A helmet, 3-in-1 Wrist Repulsor and Remote Control Walking Iron Man up for grabs

Let’s face it, most movie merchandise is a bit naff. But the Hasbro Iron Man 2 collection is different because you (or a small child) can be the next Tony Stark with the latest range of accessories on offer. Even better, pick up an RC Walking Iron Man and you don’t even have to put yourself in harms way, just send your remote control mini-me into the hot zone. Santa aint got nothin’ on these. Read all about what you can win below.

“Iron Man 2 Helmet
Gear up just like the mighty metal-clad warrior with this awesome Iron Man Helmet accessory! In 2010, fans can slip on the Iron Man Helmet to hide their identity from their evil adversaries. The helmet is designed in Iron Man’s signature style and features a variety of electronic lights and sounds, including data correspondence from Jarvis , his trusty computer companion. Fans will especially enjoy the helmet’s slow release visor that lends remarkable authenticity to this fun role-play toy.

Iron Man 2 3-in-1 Wrist Repulsor
When it’s time to take on the bad guys, slip on your glove to assume your super hero identity. Motion-activated lights on your 3-In-1 Repulsor blaster accessory alert you when your “enemies” come lurking. Awesome sounds will add to your excitement and once you’ve got your target in sight, launch your four repulsion missile accessories.

RC Walking Iron Man
An Iron Man action figure so technologically advanced that even Stark Industries is jealous! The RC Walking Iron Man figure is nearly as mobile and action-packed as his on-screen counterpart. Operated with a handheld remote control or using the button on his back, this figure easily navigates forward across the floor or tabletop and is loaded with electronic lights, movie sounds, and projectiles that shoot from the figure’s arms and shoulder rockets!”

To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is answer the following question , and be sure to read the full terms and conditions while you’re there. For further information on these and more Hasbro products head to .

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