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COMPETITION Dennis Wheatley books

To coincide with Halloween, Dennis Wheatley, "the prince of thriller writers," is returning...

Dennis Wheatley Books

Famed for his dark arts horror and deception war thrillers, Wheatley sold over 50 million copies of his books worldwide. His first published novel, The Forbidden Territory (1933), introduces the infamous Duke de Richleau, who receives a coded message and sets out on a perilous mission into Soviet Russia. In The Devil Rides Out (1934), de Richleau finds himself dragged into the world of devil worshipping and must rescue his friends from the clutches of a satanic order. Along with To The Devil A Daughter (1953), in which an innocent girl has been bound to a terrible fate, Wheatley’s two most celebrated gothic occult works were made into Hammer horror films, starring Christopher Lee.

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