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Black Friday iPad deals: what to expect in 2021

Black Friday iPad deals 2021
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Black Friday iPad deals are some of the most popular offers on the shelves come November, so it's no surprise the biggest discounts often sell out within the hour. That means preparation is key to securing the most lucrative offers this year's sales will have available, so we're rounding up all our predictions and top tips right here. 

Last year, we were treated to a range of Black Friday iPad deals on both new and old devices. However, the landscape looks a lot different in 2021, with new models on the market, and prices on previous releases dropping far lower than they were in previous Black Friday periods. 

The 2021 iPad Pros are now the headline act, the iPad Air 4 has dropped below $500 / £500 several times throughout the year, and the 8th generation iPad will be replaced by the time November rolls around. Not only that, but the iPad Mini is back in the spotlight with a new and improved model hitting the shelves later in September. All of that means we're expecting this year's offers to be big. 

Whether you're looking to save some cash on one of the best gaming tablets, or simply after an upgrade, you'll find all our latest predictions for this year's Black Friday iPad deals below. 

When will Black Friday iPad deals begin?

Black Friday officially kicks off on November 26 this year, but we've been watching those discounts rolling in earlier and earlier over recent years. It's worth noting that we actually expect some of the best deals on older entry level iPads to hit within the next few weeks. The new 9th generation iPad will take over from the 8th gen on September 24, and we don't expect stock of the previous model to last long. Retailers will slash prices on the older device in order to shift stock ahead of the new model. That means Black Friday iPad deals won't feature the 8th generation model as it simply won't be available any more. 

If you're looking for an iPad Pro or iPad Air, though, it's worth waiting for Black Friday. While some savings were available from October last year, the best discounts (and the ones that iPad deal hunters will want to take notice of) were reserved for Thanksgiving week itself. 

Black Friday iPad deals are some of the most lucrative discounts for retailers, which means we don't expect to see many early savings offering true Black Friday level savings. In fact, we recommend waiting until the day itself for the biggest offers, just remember that competition is going to be fierce. 

Keep your eyes peeled from Monday, November 22, then, and if you do spot a record low price in that week it may well be worth getting ahead of the crowd. However, we expect the headline offers to land on the day itself in 2021.

Where will the best Black Friday iPad deals be?

We'll be keeping this page well stocked with all the best Black Friday iPad deals as soon as those offers start to roll in. However, if you're planning on searching for your own sales, these are the retailers we've found to have the best discounts in the past. 

regularly has the lowest prices around
Best Buy:
fewer discounts but bundles sometimes available
B&H Photo:
best for older and refurbished models
massive range of older devices
often price matches Amazon on Air and Pro

the best place for record low prices on the latest devices
regular bundle deals with accessories included
bundles often include free subscriptions and software
discounts often available on premium Pro models
John Lewis:
regular trade-in deals and excellent warranties
Laptops Direct:
excellent prices but a £5 shipping charge
stock often holds on longer with price matched deals

Black Friday iPad deals: what we expect to see

While it's often best to look back on the previous year's Black Friday iPad deals to predict future offers, such an exercise might not be so helpful in 2021. The lineup has changed significantly since last year's offers, with new models on the shelves and older ones set to be replaced. However, we've been tracking these discounts for years now and can spot a deals trend when we see one. 

The iPad Pro will likely see even bigger discounts over Black Friday than it has all year. We've already seen savings reaching $100 off on the latest, and most luxurious, tablet in Apple's range. However, that's likely to be the limit until November 26 rolls around. 

When Black Friday iPad deals do kick-off, we're expecting those discounts to jump slightly to $150 off, leaving us with a blockbuster $649.99 price on the 128GB 11.6-inch model and a $949 price on the 12.9-inch. These deals won't last long though, likely returning to their previous record low positions within a few hours.

The iPad Air 4 has already taken a trip down to $499 a few times this year but is more likely to be found at $529 from day to day. We expect Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart to raise this price a little when heading into the holiday sales season, only to drop it back down to $499 during official Black Friday iPad deals. This is already a super low price for this device, especially considering we don't see new releases in this line every year. That means that, at most, we might see an additional $20 off in November, but it's not too likely. 

iPad Mini

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The 2020 8th generation iPad might not last until Black Friday - at least not at larger retailers. The 10.2-inch model will be superseded by a 2021 device in September, and we don't tend to see newly replaced Apple devices sticking around for too long. 

In fact, if you're after a deal on the older model, we'd recommend jumping ahead of Black Friday itself. These tablets will plummet in price when the new model is announced, or when pre-orders take place as retailers clear out their warehouses in preparation. That means stock isn't likely to make it until November, and we wouldn't count on too many discounts on the next generation. 

It's unlikely that we'll find iPad Mini deals on the new 2021 model. Even the previous (ancient) iPad Mini seldom took price cuts below $350 / £350, and that was when it was vastly over-powered by the rest of the iPad line.

Today's best deals

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