5 essential Amazon Prime Day deals for PS4 owners - complete your setup!

PS4 deals on Prime Day 2018

Think your PS4 setup still needs a little boost? You're in the right place. Even after perusing most of the Amazon Prime Day 2018 game deals, there's a good chance something may have fallen through the cracks - and that's what this article is for: making sure Amazon is loading up the best possible deals on games and gear into a cardboard box (maybe several cardboard boxes) bound for your residence.

We’re always looking for better ways to play PS4, and aside from having the best PS4 games and a decent 4K TV to play them on… everything else can feel a little unnecessary. Until you’ve actually used them, when they fast become essential. Like renewing your PS Plus subscription to keep all those free PS Plus games you have. Or grabbing a decent gaming headset to make sure that not only can you hear your Fortnite foes with utter clarity, but you can also shout your teammates too, to warn them. Here are the five essential Amazon Prime Day deals that all PS4 owners should at least consider, before the sale expires at midnight, and all this kit gets a hell of a lot more expensive again...

Essential PS4 deals US

Dragon Ball FighterZ for $39.99 (save $20): Goku and company's latest tournament is set to begin right on your PS4, and it's incredibly how much it looks - and feels - like the show itself, all at a 33% saving on the regular price. 

WD 4TB My Passport Game Storage for PS4 for $86.22 (save $43.77): This external hard drive's built specifically to work with your PS4, and 4TB of storage will give you plenty of room for extra games and media, all for 34% off. 

Toshiba 43-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV with HDR for $249.99 (save $80): Your shiny new games will look even better on this fully featured, very affordable 4K HDR TV. And you'll get 24% off for grabbing it now! 

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset for $69.99 (save $30): You can plug this headset straight into your PS4 controller for ease of use, and as an extra bonus the mic is detachable if you're not planning on chatting. It's extra nice right now at 30% off. 

Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition for $24.99 (save$15): If you've somehow managed to hold off on picking up FF15 for this long, your patience pays off with a 38% saving on this special edition package that comes with all of the game's DLC. 

Essential PS4 deals UK

15 months of PS Plus for £35! That's 50% off the normal price
With this, the deal doesn't appear when you first click. The discount is applied at checkout, so watch out for that. It is, however, a brilliant deal.View Deal

(Image: © Activision)

Call of Duty WW2 on PS4 for £19.99
One of the best COD games of recent times for less than £20? You save about 15% off the price of the game.View Deal

PlayStation VR starter bundle WITH Move controllers for £229 (saves you £87!)
All you need to get started in VR, with the headset, camera, a top game AND the PS Move controllers essential for play. This is a great bundle.View Deal

WD My Passport 4TB portable hard drive for PS4 - £94.99 (save £54)
Hard drives are not sexy, but this one will store all the PS4 games, movies, and footage you need for the rest of your PS4's life. And it's 36% off right now.View Deal

Razer Kraken 7.1 (V2) gaming headset for PS4 - £73.99 (save £26)
This is one of the best PS4 headsets you can buy, and there's currently 26% off the normal price. Definitely worth a look. View Deal

Also... PS4 Pro is going cheap, if you want to upgrade

And, finally, if you haven’t already done so… now is very much the time to upgrade to PS4 Pro. The console itself has £50 off at Amazon in the UK, which makes it £299. For that, you get a brand new console, capable of playing games in beautiful 4K with HDR making all the colours fully pop. You get a 1TB hard drive for storing all your digital games, and you get access to all the 4K streaming services like Netflix Ultra and all BBC iPlayer’s amazing 4K sport stuff. The console itself runs faster too, making app switching easier, so it’s a better experience all round. Here’s a link to the console on Amazon right now.

PlayStation 4 Pro console - £299 (you save £50)
Just the console, for £50 less than the normal price. It's all you need, if you already have a library of PS4 games.View Deal

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