4 years later, The Invisible Man star gives promising update on the sequel: “We are intent on continuing that story”

The Invisible Man
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Elisabeth Moss says a sequel to The Invisible Man is still in the works.

"We are, and by we I mean Blumhouse and my production company – Leigh [Whannell]'s doing Wolfman [right now] – we are closer than we have ever been to cracking it and I feel very good about it," Moss told the Happy Sad Confused podcast. "And we are very much intent on continuing that story."

Moss also said that she believes that a second try at a new Universal Monster universe (the first being the Dark Universe that was announced around the time of Tom Cruise's 2017 Mummy reboot) is something that might happen should Wolfman do well at the box office.

"If we can get this sequel happening," Moss continued. "Then maybe we can get a universe started."

A modern-day reboot of James Whale's 1933 The Invisible Man had been in the works since 2006 and was halted in 2011 before being revived as part of Universal's Dark Universe. Though the project was ultimately cancelled, the movie was still greenlit as a standalone film. Written and directed by Leigh Whannell, the 2020 movie stars Moss as a woman who is being stalked by her abusive ex-boyfriend (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) who develops the ability to become invisible. The film grossed $144 million at the global box office against a budget of only $7 million.

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