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2TB Seagate Xbox HDD is only £60 right now - that's space for at least 33 more games

Nabbing yourself a super slick Cyber Monday Xbox One deal is obviously amazing, but there's something about securing yourself additional storage for all the games you're inevitably going to buy too. Amazon UK is offering a fantastic deal for the officially branded (and colour themed) 2TB Seagate Game Drive for £59.99 down from £89.99. That's over 30% off the usual RRP and it's the same green hue as our beloved Xbox branding. It's one of our best Xbox One external hard drives.

With the average AAA title rounding out at around a 60GB install size, you can get at least 30 additional more major titles on your Xbox One without even batting a 'disc full' eyelid. Of course, if you want to blend your AAA addition with some indie darlings, that number keeps on going up. 


2TB Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One now £59.99 from Amazon (was £89.99)
A whopping 2TB of space, a lovely green hue, and super fast read/write speeds makes this the Xbox One external hard drive to beat

If green ain't your thing, or you're rocking a wonderful white Xbox One or Xbox One X, there's a lovely white version of this Seagate Game Drive for the same price.

2TB Xbox One Special Edition Seagate Game Drive for £59.99 from Amazon (was £69.99)

2TB Xbox One Special Edition Seagate Game Drive for £59.99 from Amazon (was £69.99)
A sleek white version of the 2TB Game Drive might be the external hard drive for you

Just remember, when you use an external hard drive with Xbox One you can put additional games on it, or use it for capturing beautiful gameplay on it, which extends your capture time to up to an hour. Delicious. 

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