What Two Point Campus cheats and trainers are there?

Two Point Campus
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Two Point Campus cheats might sound like an exciting way to mess around with the game without restrictions, but unfortunately there aren't any cheats in Two Point Campus, despite the tendency of sim games like this to include them. However, that doesn't mean there are no options for those who want an easier or more customizable experience. If you're after that, seek out the Two Point Campus sandbox mode, which we'll cover in more detail below, as well as some third party mods for those who want to tinker with their college rules in a little more depth. We've got Two Point Campus cheats - or lack thereof - covered in our guide below.

Two Point Campus cheats

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As we’ve mentioned, Two Point Campus does not have any proper in-game cheats or cheat codes. However, Two Point Campus does have third-party cheats through WeMod. This includes the ability to get unlimited money, increase the learning rate of students, and maximum Happiness. Although these tools will only work with the PC version of the game on Steam and the Xbox launcher.

Two Point Campus Sandbox Mode

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If you’re trying to avoid third-party solutions, Two Point Campus does have a customizable sandbox mode outside of the main game that (kind of) lets you cheat by adding custom settings. To access this, start off on the main menu and then choose the ‘Sandbox’ option from the list. From there, you’ll need to choose a new Sandbox slot, then choose any of the 12 campuses, and lastly choose your mode. Your options are Standard, Creative, Challenge, and Custom.

Creative is the most cheat-like mode off the bat. You start with a lot of Two Point Campus money and Course Points, you can make money significantly easier, and everything is unlocked. This is for those who just want to make a delightful campus free from financial woes and is the closest in-game answer to an unlimited money cheat. 

Two Point Campus cheats sandbox mode item list

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For more direct control over your Two Point Campus experience, you’ll want to pick the Custom mode. This allows you to change a few extra settings to make things even easier. You can increase your starting money up to $2,000,000 and starting Kudosh in Two Point Campus up to 15,000. There’s also an adjustable income multiplier and you can change the campus’ temperature, your starting Two Point Campus course points, and whether or not you face inconveniences, such as Disasters and Invaders. Certain mechanics and challenges do go out the window of course - there's no need to look for Two Point Campus bookworms if you never need the rewards they offer - but the obvious appeal here is a consequence-free college-creation engine to play with. Of course, you could even tighten all these constraints and make Two Point Campus much tougher.

The Custom options for Sandbox mode do feel like they’re missing a few things though. Things like happiness, hunger, and energy can’t be influenced so third-party cheats and trainers might be your only option if you really want to mess around with those mechanics.

To run a profitable college in the main game, you’ve got to do it properly, building your campus up with new students and buildings in each academic year. We have plenty of Two Point Campus tips that you can read through to help you get started with managing your universities and profiting off those undergraduates. 

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