How to find Two Point Campus Bookworms

Two Point Campus Bookworms
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Two Point Campus bookworms are little invertebrates that appear in the Mitton campus and spawn outside buildings from that point on. Players have to catch five bookworms for the objective that initially triggers them to appear, but they'll spawn even after that.

But how to catch bookworms in Two Point Campus? They're actually around more often than you might think, but their unpredictable nature and short window of opportunity to catch them makes them incredibly elusive. Fortunately we'll cover how to catch Two Point Campus bookworms as easily as possible, with all the rewards and challenges involved in doing so.

Finding Two Point Campus bookworms explained

Two Point Campus Bookworms

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Two Point Campus bookworms spawn randomly outside your university building, either in grass or in pathways, but never indoors. They appear as small worms that burrow up from the ground, poke their head out momentarily, then dive back into the earth and disappear, Diglett-like, if not caught. 

Between their appearance and disappearance you have a small window - about 5-10 seconds - to click on them, which "catches" them. If done right, they vanish and provide the player with a small reward (usually Two Point Campus money), though keep in mind that oddly enough, pausing the game with the space bar doesn't affect the bookworms, who appear to be immune to your time-freezing abilities and can still continue their animations before disappearing.

Bookworms spawn randomly, but expect to see one appear roughly every five minutes. However, their small size, the fact that they appear outside the buildings, their short window of appearance, time stop immunity and their unpredictable spawning means that noticing them is very hard to do. We recommend zooming out to see as much of the campus as possible at one time - you can appreciate everything you've done for Two Point Campus attractiveness while you do it - and watching open greenery, where they stand out very noticably. When you see one, drop everything and click on it as fast as you can. Even once it burrows beneath the ground, it's still technically there for a second or two and can be claimed.

The reality is that you'll probably miss most Bookworms, but by casting a wide and vigilant eye, you'll notice more than most people. 

Two Point Campus Bookworm rewards

Two Point Campus Bookworms

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There's three varieties of Bookworms that we know of, each one of which offers its own rewards when caught. The better Bookworms tend to be a lot rarer - we've only seen one Paperback Bookworm across hours of gameplay - but considering they're all caught the same way, it makes no difference. Grab them whenever you can, and over time you'll earn significant bonuses, like Two Point Campus kudosh - especially if you're also working on one of the randomly generated quests to catch five of them.

  • Textbook Bookworm (common): $10
  • Furry Tail Bookworm (rare): $50
  • Paperback Bookworm (very rare): 5 Kudosh
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