How to increase Campus Level in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus campus level
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The Two Point Campus campus level is an important element of the game that represents the overall size and scale of your campuses, and influences certain unlockable elements, including earning new Course Points. Each campus you work on has its own level, and it's improved by generally… er, improving the campus in a variety of ways, which we'll cover in full detail below. Read on to find out how to enhance your campus in Two Point Campus, as well as the rewards you get for it.

Raising your Campus Level in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus campus level

(Image credit: Two Point Studios)

Your campus level in Two Point Campus is determined by multiple elements, and adding to each one helps add to the little Campus Level bar in the bottom right. Once it fills up, your campus levels up by one and the bar resets. Assuming you won't be taking the easy route with Two Point Campus cheats, here are the factors that can raise your campus level:

  • Staff: Every new hire you get adds to your campus level, as well as the quality of the staff themselves. Improving them with experience and training increases their contribution to campus level.
  • Rooms: Every individual room you add to campus increases the campus level accordingly. Likewise, the quality of those rooms increases your campus level too, so stuffing them full of high quality equipment and furniture that heightens their Two Point Campus attractiveness will bolster their Room Prestige - though having the rooms at all is a far bigger contribution than upgrading them.
  • Students: The number of students you have, as well as their Two Point Campus grades and overall quality, helps reinforce your campus level. Keeping their grades and happiness high will add to your campus level, and the bigger batch of students you can successfully do that to, the more impact it'll have.

Clearly these are very broad parameters for upgrades, but that's kind of the point - generally raising your campus' quality increases your campus level, as a kind of overall grade of the quality of university that you're running.

It's definitely worth it though. Raising your campus level unlocks numerous benefits, the main one being more course points in Two Point Campus, which are used to upgrade and run additional courses on that very campus. It also unlocks greater options for hiring staff - or at least, more will be on offer at any one time in the Hire menu. As a rule, think of it as a levelling system - you level up, gain new experience points (or course points), and can spend those on the courses that are part of your college.

Of course, course points - as essential as they are - are only part of running a successful campus. For more advice on getting up and running, check out our tips for Two Point Campus and learn how to be the most miserly campus dean possible. 

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