10 Two Point Campus tips to help you build first-class colleges

Two Point Campus
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Use these Two Point Campus tips to help you build and manage great universities that remain full of cheerful and hardworking students, well-trained staff, and all the necessary facilities. Keeping those things in order is a lot easier said than done, however, with so many things to consider to keep everyone happy and healthy, but also avoid going under in Two Point Campus. Master your managing skills, keep your students content, and get those tuition fees rolling in and you’ll dominate the educational institutions of Two Point County. Don't be fooled by the silly appearance of this game as it’s packed with complex systems that you need to understand to run the best possible campuses. So here are 10 tips to help you get started with Two Point Campus.

Hover over Two Point Campus objectives and items to see tooltips

Two Point Campus objective tooltips

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When starting out with Two Point Campus, you’ll have a lot of uni terminology thrown your way. Most features are available to you right away but that also means some aren’t explained to you until you reach other campuses much later in the game. To help you out, make sure you hover over any objectives to get a more thorough explanation of what to do, particularly if you’ve forgotten what a particular term means or which menu to go to check a statistic.

This also goes for any furniture and items you can place in a room as you can see any special bonuses, costs, and conditions that an item has. Not all items have these in-game effects and can instead act purely as decoration for an aesthetically pleasing campus, so you should avoid these items to save money. For example, the regular Library Reception has no effects, while the Giant Library Reception increases Learning Power and Attractiveness but is much more expensive.

Use the pause feature to get organized

Two Point Campus pause button

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The Two Point Campus pause feature is essential to successful university management. The game condenses entire academic years into minutes, so you’ll quickly realize that running a college and meeting the needs of all its students and employees is impossible without conveniently stopping time whenever you need to. Use this feature to complete multiple construction projects at once in the blink of an eye, easily move staff around to work on urgent jobs, and buy yourself time to avoid missing multiple challenge deadlines and student requests. 

Start your Two Point Campus off with the essentials

Two Point Campus new building

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When you get introduced to a new campus, you’ll want to make sure you hit pause and build up your campus with just the essentials. Make sure you check off the required buildings to get things ready for students, then build a few extra essential buildings, assuming you’ve got money to spare – we recommend a Library, a Dormitory with several beds, and a Bathroom with at least a couple of toilets. This strikes a balance between ensuring a reasonable level of Two Point Campus happiness for your students and staff, and avoiding debt by splashing all the tuition fees on fancy Lecture Theatres. In general, start small and build or expand rooms to meet needs, and don’t spend loads on new plots. You also don't want to go overboard in spending Two Point Campus course points if you don't think you have the resources to back up your promises - spreading yourself thin never goes well.

Place a plant, posters, and a bin in every Two Point Campus room

Two Point Campus bin plant and posters in every room

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There are a few cheap things you can buy in Two Point Campus that will provide nice bonuses to all your rooms. Posters are cheap to unlock with Two Point Campus Kudosh and buy with money, require no maintenance, and boost a room’s Attractiveness. Plants are similarly cheap and boost Attractiveness but require a bit of maintenance. Bins are small, making them easy to fit in rooms to boost Hygiene and reduce litter. Finally, you might also want to consider hand sanitiser and rugs to boost Hygiene and Attractiveness respectively. This will all contribute to a room’s Room Prestige – higher prestige means students and staff will be happier and healthier. 

Save money in Two Point Campus or take out loans

Two Point Campus taking out a loan

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Having some cash to spend in Two Point Campus is crucial for developing your college further or getting yourself out of a sticky financial situation. As a rule, we recommend having at least $30,000 saved, which should be enough for most items and room types.

However, when this just isn’t possible, loans will let you risk a short-term cash injection in exchange for a long-term repayment. There are three loan types offering different loan sizes and repayment rates, so picking the right one for your situation is important. Don’t just opt for the smallest loan and then get stuck again, prompting you to take out another loan. This’ll cause you to spiral into debt, which is obviously pretty bad. Invest your loan carefully to increase your profits and save yourself from a dire financial situation, but these should be seen as a last resort!

Student Happiness and Grades are key in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus student happiness staff list

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Having money to spend on your Two Point Campus is important, but you won’t get any money if you have unhappy, failing students. Their hefty tuition fees are largely what keeps your campuses afloat, so keep them cheered up with Student Lounges and parties, and ensure they pass each year and pay those fees. Make sure you regularly check on all Two Point Campus student grades under Personnel Management to see who needs help. Any student with a grade lower than C definitely needs to go to Private Tuition, or use the tips at the link provided. 

Two Point Campus Clubs buff your students

Two Point Campus power nap club students signing up

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Students can sign up to clubs to receive numerous benefits that will improve their time at your university. For example, the Power-Nap Club allows members to regain Energy anywhere, while Book Club members learn faster. Students will often request club items which have their own benefits such as the Speed Walking Wheel for the Speed Walking Club. 

Keep Two Point Campus staff happy too

Two Point Campus student happiness student list

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Students pay for the campus, but the campus pays the staff. Without money, you won’t be able to pay your staff what it needs, leading to resignations, so it’s important to look after your staff too. You can increase the wages for individual employees which will increase their happiness, but you’ll obviously need the profit to cover the pay rise.

A decent Staff Room stocked with items that will boost their stats is also important. The Sofa (not the Brown one) will develop Friendships, dart boards will provide Entertainment, and Tea and Snack Tables will boost Food and Drink levels. Add in a few posters to boost Attractiveness and you should have a high Room Prestige that’ll cheer up the staff.

Complete Two Point Campus Career Goals for Kudosh

Two Point Campus career hub career goals and challenges

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Kudosh is an important currency in Two Point Campus that is used to permanently unlock new items, including some of the important stat-boosting ones previously mentioned. While there are a few methods for getting Kudosh, the main way is through Career Goals. Click the Career Goals briefcase icon in the top-right corner of your screen to open the list of Career Goals objectives. You’ll work through most of them simply by playing, so check back every so often to see if you’ve completed any and then make sure you collect your Kudosh to move onto the objective’s next stage, which’ll award even more! Of course, if you know how to find Two Point Campus bookworms, you can get a few more extra Kudosh coins along the way.

Read all your Two Point Campus messages

Two Point Campus student assignment request message

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Finally, you’ll likely be spending a lot of your time reading through your in-game inbox to keep on top of your messages. Since they come in pretty often, it’s a good idea to occasionally pause the game and read through all messages, which range from promotions that’ll offer a challenge in exchange for a reward (you should always accept these, by the way), student requests for events and new furniture, and your monthly earnings report.

Student requests will usually task you with unlocking an item with Kudosh if you haven’t already, and then spending money to place it somewhere on your campus. Fulfilling these requests will cheer up your students and provide other stat-boosting opportunities depending on what they request. However, some requests can be incredibly costly, so if you simply don’t have the Kudosh and likely won’t before the request expires, don’t hesitate to reject the request to clear your inbox.

All this information should be more than enough to get you grabbing A+'s and financially secure - but then again, you could always take the easy option and try out some Two Point Campus cheats...

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