Two Point Campus is getting into the holiday mood with its new free Winter Update

Celebrate Christmas with Two Point Campus
(Image credit: Two Point)

Two Point Campus' winter update is here - and it's free.

Along with the gentle sprinkle of snow you'll see peppering the place, the free Winter update is "decking the halls and gifting new in-game items, costumes, and much more" to players over the holidays.

"Players can now decorate their campuses with a whole host of yuletide treats, like Christmas trees, stockings, fairy lights, and even Santa’s sleigh – complete with reindeer team," the studio teases. "If that wasn’t enough, players can dress up their faculty and friends in Santa suits, elf outfits, giant snowman heads, or Krampus’…um…let’s call it fur."

That's right: Krampus is here to "wreak havoc on your holidays" with the new Challenge Mode "Two Point Krampus" in which you'll have to defend your students from "this festive spirit zapping menace".

There's more good tidings to be had, too. If the game's community can collectively raise $1 billion in-game dollars in the new level, everyone will get a "secret holly jolly item". You can keep track of the community's progress on the game's main menu.

Not going to get onto the game over the holidays? That's okay if you have the Space Academy DLC. 

Celebrate Christmas with Two Point Campus

(Image credit: Two Point)

"All items, costumes, and the challenge mode level will remain after the event period," the team explains. "All your festive items even work in Two Point Campus’ Space Academy DLC, which is out now on all platforms."

GamesRadar+ gave Two Point Campus four out of five stars when it released earlier this year, saying: "Being a dean isn't always rewarding, but Two Point Campus is a much more involved and rewarding sim than Hospital before it. The balancing act never stops, and it's a wilder ride than ever".

"However, Two Point Campus is not without its frustrations, particularly when it comes to the more fussy human-level interactions", our EIC, Sam, said in her summary. "Two Point Campus is a much more involved sim than Two Point Hospital, and sometimes misses a little of the early stage hand-holding to back that up. 

"But once you get a handle on the unique rhythms of this university simulator, Two Point Campus can be incredibly rewarding, particularly when it gives you the space to appreciate just how fine-tuned the needs of each of your campuses really can be." 

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