How to make Two Point Campus money quickly

Two Point Campus money loans
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Two Point Campus money is essential to keeping your campuses running, your staff paid, and your financial problems to a minimum. Turning a profit is the only way you're going to keep your colleges afloat, and failing to do so will only lead to more problems - a sudden loss of cash can mean failing grades, staff quitting, and all your hard earned work going down the drain, especially when money becomes a lot more scarce around the Spiffinmoore wizarding campus.

Fortunately, we'll explain how to make money fast in Two Point Campus below, including to how to take out loans and repay them easily enough. If you want to know how to avoid going into debt and make money fast for your university, we've got some pointers for the basics of Two Point Campus money-making here.

How to make money in Two Point Campus quickly

Two Point Campus money loans

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To make money in Two Point Campus is fairly easy, even a passive experience, as most money is earned automatically via the rent and tuition fees paid monthly by your students, as well as any minor income made from certain decorations like vending machines. It's important to remember that money is different to the Two Point Campus kudosh currency, which we explain in more detail at the linked guide.

The key to making money is more about minimising your losses comparatively, as well as looking at your monthly expenditure/income and seeing how it works. We'll explain that below to begin with, though if you want to skip past the process altogether, you could always find out about cheats for Two Point Campus and what third party help is out there.

Monthly profit/loss table and XP bonus explained

Two Point Campus money loans

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There are six elements to take note of in your Monthly Profit/Loss table, which can be viewed by hovering the cursor over the money number in the bottom right corner. This displays your most recent monthly financial statement, not your current financial situation (so if you hired a bunch of teachers since your last turn-of-the-month bills and payments, that won't come up in staff wages yet).

Below we've laid out the full details of these statements, what each element means and how they impact your income.

  • MONTHLY PROFIT/LOSS: The sum total of your income, or loss. Calculated by adding up all the other numbers.
  • Tuition Fees (profit): The money earned and paid by your pupils. Determined by the value of the course, the number of students, and the fees you set at the beginning of the year. Students who are unhappy may refuse to pay fees.
  • Rent (profit): Money paid by your students to you for their dormitories. Universal across all students, and paid until they leave university - one way or another.
  • XP Bonus (profit): A general bonus that grows according to numerous factors - including student grades improving, teachers learning skills, challenges completed and general "good play", where everything you have on the campus all improves in meaningful ways.
  • Staff Wages (loss): The total money paid to all your staff at the end of the month. Salaries can be altered in the staff menu, but lowering them negatively impacts your staff's happiness. 
  • Loan Repayments (loss): The standard repayment of any loans you've taken out.
  • Loan Interest (loss): The added interest on top of the loan that you also pay out.

Though it'll vary from player to player, the big factors you'll need to pay attention to month-to-month are the XP bonus and Staff Wages, which are by far the most variable. The XP bonus in particular can vary from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, depending on your performance in the game, and can ensure you stay profitable even in otherwise unprofitable times. In fact, it's a perfectly valid strategy to strain so hard for good performances that the XP bonus cancels out all the other expenditure along the way.

Two Point Campus loans, repayments and more

Two Point Campus money loans

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Two Point Campus bookworms

Two Point Campus Bookworms

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Looking for bookworms in Two Point Campus? Find what you need here!

Players can take out loans in Two Point Campus by clicking the little icon of a building at the bottom of the screen next to the staff/characters icon, then clicking on the money bag icon that appears.

This then gives you three options for lenders - Two Point Bank, Swindles and Smell My Cash. Each one offers differing amounts of money at a different rate, but you can control exactly how much you borrow with the sliding scales attached. The bigger the percentage, the more money you'll have to pay back. The less time you have to repay it, the bigger amount you have to give per month. 

Once you have taken out a loan, you get the money instantly, but are locked in to repaying it monthly. The formula for repayment is, from what we can work out:

  • (Total loan amount x stated interest percentage) / loan duration

That's not a big deal though, as the little box explaining how much you pay monthly makes it pretty clear what your target goal is. As a rule, there's nothing bad about taking out a loan - it's a good way to invest in business decisions that'll pay off later and a great method when it comes to How to increase Campus Level in Two Point Campus - but you shouldn't borrow more than you need, to minimise your debt. We also really don't recommend taking out more than one loan at a time if you can avoid it, though sometimes circumstances can force your hand.

If you have enough, you can always head back into this menu at any point to repay your entire debt. You should definitely do this if it's a safe option - it brings your monthly income back to normal and brings your finances a little more under control.

How to stop yourself from losing money and going into debt in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus money loans

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If you find yourself sliding headlong into debt and "the Red" in Two Point Campus, you're in trouble. Players can't buy anything while in negative numbers, meaning they can't do a lot to help reverse their loss once they are in debt. However, here's some helpful advice to help keep your campus financially stable. Of course, if you're looking for more general advice, our Two Point Campus tips will do a lot to keep you surviving the worst events a university manager can go through.

  • If you're losing money, take action. It's not enough to wait until you're in the negative - if you go for several months while making a loss every time, start making changes to prevent calamity. The less money you have in the bank, the harder it is to course-correct. 
  • Sell what you don't need. Extra rooms, items and decorations can all be sold. It might negatively affect stats, but sometimes hard choices have to be made. Focus on inessentials and vanity items first. Research and Training rooms, as useful as they are, can be burnt up in a pinch, as can outside decorations. Alternatively, some of the best Two Point Campus research projects and upgrades can actually net you a big chunk of money - though you'll need to have a teacher at work in the lab. 
  • Invest in what you have. Make sure your money is spent as effectively as possible. Rather than hire an expensive new employee, try training the ones you have. If you have extra rooms, sell or repurpose them. Pause the game, look at your situation, and work out how what little money you have left can be used most effectively. 
  • Take out a loan. It's risky, but maybe the best idea is to invest in some new classrooms or facilities to improve your course - resulting in happier students and more XP Bonuses. If you can start making profit again, that's what's most important.
  • Change salaries and tuition fees. Tuition fees can be changed at the start of the new year, while staff salaries can be altered in the management tabs. Paying your staff less or demanding more money from students won't make them happy, but it can help in the short term.
  • Complete challenges. The little challenges, evaluations, inspections and more can drop tens of thousands of dollars into your pocket - a useful perk in a pinch. 
  • Don't expand unnecessarily. If loans aren't an option, don't make the mistake of trying to go bigger. Developing new courses and expanding your student base always means you have to pay more to keep them happy, as the resources you already have won't be enough to support the new influx. Sure, the initial payout might be more, but if you can't support them all, they'll eventually go berserk and leave you. 
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