How to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus

Two Point Campus kudosh
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Two Point Campus Kudosh is a valuable resource that can be spent on permanently unlocking new furniture and decorations for your campuses. Although, earning it can be a bit tricky as you need to complete specific quests and objectives to get any. This means that earning Kudosh can seem like a drip-feed process at times, with the game demanding you spend it far faster than you seem to be earning it. However, there are ways to earn Kudosh faster in Two Point Campus, and we'll lay out the fastest methods for earning Kudosh below, as well as some advice about how you should be spending and managing your Kudosh funds.

How to get Kudosh in Two Point Campus fast

Two Point Campus kudosh

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Kudosh in Two Point Campus can be obtained in multiple ways throughout the game, usually in small quantities. Here's every way you can earn it:

  • Career Goals: These are the biggest, best ways to earn Kudosh. The Career Hub in the top-right corner lists all the long-term objectives across the game, based around completing simple tasks in great numbers, and Kudosh is awarded at every milestone. The minimum is 50 Kudosh, and it increases as you hit larger milestones, so if you ever need a large chunk of the stuff, look up the Career Hub and see which you're closest to. You can also pin these objectives so that you never lose track of them.
  • Random objectives: Every now and then the game will offer small random objectives, such as the Suggestion Boxes, Inspections or rebuffing intruders. Complete these for small quantities of Kudosh - usually 5-10 each.
  • Bookworms: It's a small thing, but the Two Point Campus bookworms that appear randomly in certain campuses have a small chance to drop Kudosh when prodded. It's not a lot, usually 5, but it's worth keeping an eye out for the chance. Collecting worms where the opportunity arises can ultimately add up to hefty rewards.
  • End of Year Awards: It's a little hard to predict, but the end of year rewards grant Kudosh for mastering certain elements, like Teacher of the Year and hosting the most clubs - with 10 Kudosh for every award you win. This means that if you're playing well, the End of Year awards can be a goldmine of Kudosh income.
  • Earning stars and star rating: Earning a star for your Campus will earn you a huge amount of Kudosh - anywhere from 100 to 250+, depending on the campus. Admittedly you're earning Kudosh in part to get stars, but it helps to know you'll be paid back somewhat once you get there.
  • Research projects: If you have a research room set up, meeting the right conditions will allow you to start research projects that earn you Kudosh - usually about 25, depending on the exact project. This is a guaranteed method, yes, but it's slow and requires a teacher constantly at work. Might be better to put them towards one of the  Two Point Campus best upgrades and research projects instead.

Of course, if you want a more general approach to the game, we've got Two Point Campus tips laid out here for you to check out!

How to spend Kudosh

Two Point Campus kudosh

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Two Point Campus cheats

Two Point Campus Bookworms

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Find out about available Two Point Campus cheats at our dedicated page here!

Kudosh can be spent in the item menu on any item with the Kudosh symbol on it. Keep in mind that spending Kudosh on an item doesn't get you the item, and instead permanently unlocks the item for the rest of the game, making it available for purchase with money in Two Point Campus on all campuses, not just the one you're in at that moment.

We highly recommend prioritising Kudosh spending on items with function, not just those that look good, as spending cleverly is a great method on how to increase Campus Level in Two Point Campus. Things you'll use often, that serve a unique purpose, or boost multiple stats are all priority purchases. We also recommend keeping at least 30 Kudosh in the bank at any one time, so that if the game suddenly demands a specific item from you for the sake of building the Two Point Campus happiness stat, you either have the funds to get it, or are at least part of the way there. Some demanded items can cost hundreds of Kudosh, so you'll need to start using the techniques listed above to their utmost.

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