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Keep Two Point Campus Student Happiness high and you'll have cheery students that love uni life, are keen to learn, and keep paying those all-important tuition fees. Of course, improving happiness doesn't come cheap, but the alternative is having unhappy students that refuse to pay their fees and could drop out if you don't spend on the necessary cheer-boosting changes! It's therefore in your best interests to keep your Two Point Campus students cheered up by providing a clean campus with lots of entertainment opportunities. Below, we've laid out everything you need to know about Student Happiness in Two Point Campus, including how to increase it.

Two Point Campus Student Happiness explained

Two Point Campus student happiness average

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Student Happiness is a really important stat in Two Point Campus, and maintaining a decent level of it should be one of your main priorities. In the bottom-right corner of your screen, you’ll find the average Student Happiness of all your students. We reckon that keeping this above 60% – but ideally 70% or higher – should be adequate for running your campus. You can check on how individual students are feeling by clicking on them or by looking at the full list under Personnel Management.

The key thing to note is that happy students learn faster and get better Two Point Campus student grades. Better grades will mean very few or no failing students that might drop out and stop paying fees and you might get some award at the end of each year. Students that are feeling happy will also move a bit faster.

Two Point Campus student happiness unhappy student warning

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Conversely, grumpy students will refuse to pay their tuition fees and may even drop out. There’s no way to get students back once they’ve left or been removed, so if you have an exodus of unhappy undergraduates, it could be the end of your campus as you lose funding from tuition fees. Bear in mind that staff members also have happiness stats, and there’s more below on how to help them too.

How to improve the Student Happiness Stat in Two Point Campus

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 Two Point Campus Student Happiness is quite a tricky stat to keep up as it can get quite expensive. However, there are lots of little things you can do to boost happiness for your students: 


Build dormitories for your students to rest: Your students can lose happiness the more tired they become, so adequate dorms are essential. Two Point Campus advises one bed for every five students. 

Provide communal areas for students: Students will gain happiness by entertaining themselves and making friends. Student Lounges and Student Unions are great places to do this, so make sure you fill them with tables, sofas, games. Table Football tables are cheap and great for friendships and entertainment. Even just some water coolers, benches, and social tables in hallways can help too.

A clean student is a happy student: Adequate toilet and shower facilities will let your students keep themselves clean, healthy, and not bursting to use the toilet. Be sure to also place ample bins and hand sanitiser in rooms and around your campus to maintain a high standard of hygiene.

Make your campus a comfortable and attractive environment: As well as keeping your campus clean to bolster hygiene, students are also interested in attractive rooms. Make sure your rooms have a good Room Prestige by filling them with items that improve attractiveness, hygiene, and thermal comfort. Posters, plants, and bins are essential for every room, and some campuses have dramatic climates that may require you to add radiators or air conditioners to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Provide food: Scatter around lots of places for your students and employees to grab food or a quick drink. Vending machines are cheap and don’t require an assistant to run, unlike the various food and coffee stands, but are generally unhealthier. Start off with vending machines and then slowly replace them with food and drink stands and employ more assistants to run them. Students will often request these food stands anyway!

Schedule Events: Student Lounge and Student Union parties, and Funny Film events in Lecture Theatres, are all great ways of boosting the morale and happiness of your students. Make sure you plan these evenly throughout the academic year to give your students regular happiness boosts. You can even set them to occur every year so you only need to plan them once, although you still pay for them every time.

Complete Personal Goals and Assignments: Students will send Personal Goals to your Message inbox. Make sure you check your inbox regularly and complete any goals as soon as possible. If you don’t have the required Two Point Campus kudosh to spend, you might just have to reject that goal. Students will also gain a little happiness after completing an assignment.

Campus Staff with Comic Relief qualification: If you have any campus employees trained in Comic Relief, they have a 5% chance to amuse a student and increase their happiness by 10%. Staff can also be trained in Comic Relief using a Training Room.

Solving health and pastoral issues: Adding Medical Offices and Pastoral Support rooms to your campus will allow students to ease whatever is getting them down. This is less about increasing happiness and more about reducing unhappiness. Injured students or those with pastoral issues suffer penalties to their happiness, so the right support and facilities means they can get those effects removed and become happier. Sometimes it might not occur to students to go, but you can click on them and get the option to send them to both rooms under their stats. 

How to increase staff happiness in Two Point Campus

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It’s also important to make sure your staff is kept happy too. While Two Point Campus doesn’t prominently display employee happiness in the same way that it shows Student Happiness, you can still check the happiness of individual employees under Personnel Management. Miserable staff can refuse to work and resign if nothing is done to help them, so remember that it’s not all about the students! Here’s what you can do to improve staff happiness:


Build a good Staff Room: As with Student Lounges and Unions, Staff Rooms need to be stocked with things to keep them healthy and entertained. Sofas, Snack Tables, and Drinks Tables are great additions to any Staff Room.

Pay them: One of the main reasons staff will become unhappy and resign is if you can’t pay their wages. Ensuring you turn a profit to fund your staff is obvious but can actually be quite difficult, depending on the campus and the financial situation.

Pay them (more): Under the ‘Policy’ tab of the Campus Overview, you can add a salary policy for your staff including salary reviews and universal increases to salaries as you become more profitable. You can also click on individual staff members or select them under Personnel Management and adjust their salary to make them happier.

Happy Thoughts qualification: Employees with this qualification are also good at keeping themselves happy, so it’s a good idea to train workers if they don’t have it already. 

Let staff take a break: Your employees should be pretty good at going on breaks to regain energy, but make sure you check in on your staff and send them on breaks if they’re unhappy and running low on energy. Under campus Policy you can also adjust the threshold for staff members to take a break. Increasing the threshold means staff will take breaks and regain energy more often.

Hire more staff: If you’ve got the profits to justify hiring more staff, this is a great thing to do to take the load off your current employees. It’ll allow you to dedicate more time to training, resting, and research but is also very costly! 

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