Thursday Link-A-Mania

* Ain't It Cool’s Harry Knowles reckons his mate Robert Rodriguez has told him that Nimrod Antal will definitely be the director of the Predator reboot. Antal is behind the upcoming action flick Armored and last dabbled in the thriller genre with Vacancy. But Harry didn’t get the exclusive: Latino Review broke the news a day before.

* Universal is to turn The Creature From The Bloack Lagoon into a muscical extravaganza at its Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, reports Variety.

* Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is already 2009’s second biggest movie smash world wide, just two weeks after its release. By Tuesday it had already amassed $448.4 million , and easily looks set to overtake Angels and Demons (which is currently on $469 million and not likely to rise much further). In the US, though, the Transformers sequel has finally been knocked off the number one spot by Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, which took $14 million on its opening day.

* reports that Sony is planning a 17 September 2010 release for the fourth Resident Evil film, Resident Evil: Afterlife. Paul WS Anderson revealed late last year he was indeed writing the next film. The story is expected to shift to Tokyo.

* Coming Soon has the poster for Surrogates, a high tech thriller about robot doubles starring Bruce Willis and directed by Jonathan (Terminator 3) Mostow.