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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Rourke and Johansson for Iron Man II
After much speculation, it has now been confirmed that Mickey Rourke will continue his career resurrection by playing a Russian villain in Iron Man II, reports Variety . Rourke, recently Oscar nominated for The Wrestler (and previously best known for mumbling his ways through such '80s classics as Rumblefish, Nine 1/2 Weeks and Angel Heart) had been holding out for a bigger fee (which presumably he got) and apparently Robert Downey Jr was adamant that he appear in the sequel. According to some sources Rourke will be playing Whiplash.

Meanwhile, E! Online is claiming that Scarlett Johansson has been signed to play The Black Widow.

Thor Casting Rumours
Scuttlebutters at Latino Review claim that Thor director Kenneth Brannagh was spotted eating at restaurant with six foot plus, Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård. Well, you can't help putting two and two together, can you? But maybe Brannagh is just a big True Blood fan.

Meanwhile, is linking Josh Hartnett with the role of Loki, Thor's evil foster brother (in Marvel, mythology anyway, not in Norse mythology, though he has always been a bad’un).

Lost Spoilerage – Highlight To Read
According to E! Online there is going to a major death on Lost this season, and it's not, as previously rumoured, Kate. The site gives these clues:
• The character who will die is someone who is much-loved by many of you fans.
• This is a real leaving-the-show death, à la Shannon or Charlie, not a quick-fix time-travel death like Jeremy Bentham/John Locke.
• The character getting killed off is not, I repeat, not Evie's character Kate Austen.
• A source close to the show says that the person who's being killed off just learned of their character's fate late last week, and the news hit hard. "Unfortunately, [he or she] found out after the script treatments were sent out to some of the crew on the set, so it wasn't the best timing."

Normal service can now be resumed.

Star Wars Live Action
Casting is underway on the live action Star Wars TV series, according to . Apparently, during a press junket for the film Knowing, star Rose Byrne let slip, "A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it." Byrne had a small role herself in Attack of the Clones.