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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Star Wars live action TV series , Conan The Barbarian , Total Recall, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon , X-Men: First Class , The Wolverine director shortlist, Fringe season four, Oz The Great And Powerful

The Wolverine Director Shortlist
Variety has published a shortlist of the directors most likely to be replacing Darren Aronofsky as director on The Wolverine . They are:

Jose Padilha ( Elite Squad , the upcoming RoboCop remake, Tri-Border )
Doug Liman ( Mr & Mrs Smith , The Bourne Identity )
Antoine Fuqua ( Training Day , Brooklyn’s Finest )
Mark Romanek ( One Hour Photo , Never Let Me Go )
Justin Lin ( Fast Five , Better Luck Tomorrow )
Gavin O’Connor ( Miracle , Pride And Glory )
James Mangold ( Walk the Line , 3:10 To Yuma )
Gary Shore (TV commercials)

Lin seems to be on every producer’s wish list at the moment, and while most of the rest seem fairly “safe” choices, Mangold is a fairly leftfield candidate in the Aronofsky mould. Meanwhile, Bleeding Cool unearthed this interesting little video on Gary Shore’s Vimeo site, posted three months ago. An audition piece, perhaps?

Two New Transformers 3 TV Trailers


Three New X-Men: First Class TV Trailers


50 Hours Of Live Star Wars TV Already Filmed
In this overlong and frankly dull interview in which George Lucas tries to convince us that Star Wars in 3D is a really good idea (does he honestly believe 3D is a better movie-watching experience? Has he had to sit through Pirates 4 squinting into the gloom?), Lucas suddenly reveals a far more exciting fact – that he has 50 hours of live action TV Star Wars sitting on the shelf back at the ranch (it’s about three and a half minutes in). Though we do wonder what his definition of “live action” might be. It sounds suspiciously like 50 hours of CG test footage to us. Apparently, he’s just waiting for technology to be developed so that he can make the TV show cheaply enough to be viable.