Thor: Love and Thunder is "very romantic," says director Taika Waititi

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For a movie called Thor: Love and Thunder (opens in new tab), it might not be surprising that there are elements of romance, but it's becoming ever more clear that the relationship between Thor and Jane Foster is central to the Ragnarok sequel's story.

Talking to BBC (opens in new tab), Waititi gave a brief progress update on Love and Thunder and revealed his aspiration to make a full-blown romance movie in the future. 

"I think it's going to be really good. We've finished, we've been writing the script off and on for over a year and I'm just, actually this week, doing another pass on it. It is so insane and it's also very romantic. I'm into romances now. I just want to make a romance. I just want to make something that I've never done or never cared for. I would like to attack something like that," the director said.

Of course, Natalie Portman's return as Jane Foster serves a far greater purpose than simply being a love interest to Chris Hemsworth's Thor, as Love and Thunder is set to finally introduce Jane as the Goddess of Thunder, the female counterpart to Thor. If that news comes completely out of left field, do read through our detailed break down of what the comics can tell us about Thor: Love and Thunder and Natalie Portman's Mighty Thor (opens in new tab).

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently set to bring Marvel Phase 4 (opens in new tab) to a close on February 11, 2022. Of course, with movie release dates (opens in new tab) constantly being shuffled, that's subject to change.

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