This RTX 3080 Ti gaming PC deal is the best you'll find on the high end GPU

ABS Legend
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You can currently get $500 off this ABS Legend gaming PC at Newegg until September 5. That drops the $3,299.99 rig all the way down to $2,799.99 (opens in new tab) - an excellent price for such a high-end card at the helm.

Anyone familiar with the current drought on RTX 30-series GPUs will know just how difficult it is to know where to buy RTX 3080 Ti right now. At the moment, the best way to beat the resellers is to buy either an RTX 3080 PC (like this one) or an RTX 3080 laptop instead. 

There's little debate that this ABS Legend prebuilt could easily qualify as one of the best gaming PCs that money can buy right now. Not only is that GPU particularly powerful (get ready for 4K and ray-tracing), but the G.Skill TridentZ is our pick for the best RAM for gaming and the i7-10700K is comparable with some of the best CPUs for gaming

The RTX 3080 Ti graphics card has only been out a few months, but the beastly refresh has already captured the imaginations of many would-be builders the world over for its sheer power potential. This GPU utilizes 12GB GDDR6X VRAM coupled with 10,240 CUDA Cores, so there's little wonder why it can do not only Full HD and 1440p (Quad HD) masterfully, but can also take 4K in its stride.

Also of note: this purchase comes with a free pre-order copy of the hotly anticipated Dice-developed massive multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042, which is set for release on October 22. What better way to push the gaming PC than with the most demanding shooter money can buy?

ABS Legend (RTX 3080 Ti) | $3,300 (opens in new tab)

ABS Legend (RTX 3080 Ti) | $3,300 $2,799.99 at Newegg (opens in new tab)
Save $500. With its RTX 3080 Ti GPU combined with exceptional specs inside, this ABS Legend prebuilt PC is the best way to experience high-end PC gaming instead of paying far over the odds to a second-hand source for the card itself. What's more, with the company's commitment to build quality, this machine is destined to stand strong for many years. It's also bursting with RGB for stellar visual flair, too. Features: Intel i7 10700K, RTX 3080 Ti, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD.

A capable gaming tower is only one side of the story. Power up your gaming prowess with the best gaming keyboard and best gaming mouse available on the market right now. What's more, get the most out of the beastly GPU with the best gaming monitors around. 

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