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These early Black Friday PS5 deals include the WD SN850 heatsink for its lowest ever price

WD Black SN850 deal
(Image credit: Western Digital)

Best Buy has come through with some early Black Friday PS5 SSD deals today and these ones really are worth looking at to avoid the madness of the full sale later this month.

The headline is that you can get the much-coveted WD BLACK SN850 1TB PS5 SSD with heatsink for its lowest ever price! This is kind of a big deal. You can get it right now for just $199.99 (was $279.99) - a massive saving of $70 and (as far as we can work out) its lowest ever price and the first time that PS5 SSD deals have ever put this model under the $200 mark. A brilliant drive, this model sits atop our best PS5 SSD guide for good reason.

That is definitely the biggest deal of the day, and a great way to avoid rolling the dice on Black Friday PS5 SSD deals later this month. PS5 Architect Mark Cerny has this SSD in his machine so we know it's the proper business and one to have confidence in. 

However, if you're looking for an external PS5 SSD, Best Buy has you covered too. The excellent WD BLACK P50 external SSD for only $189.99 right now (down from $250) - its second-lowest ever price. This is our top choice for a PS5 external hard drive and is probably the best one to get if you need something now, and want to ensure you avoid any disappointment.

Alternatively, the Samsung T5 SSD for just $119.99 (down from $130) if you're OK shaving a bit of the sheer speed off the performance off of your drive. Or, if you fancy going the rough and ready, ultra-durable route to ensure your data and games are well protected, then the 1TB SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is down to just $129.99 - an extraordinary saving of $110.

If you've managed to get your hands on PS5 stock or not this year, incorporating extra storage solutions is a great means to enhance your setup or prepare for your incoming one. You'll find all our favorite early Black Friday PS5 SSD deals just below, but keep your eyes peeled for more early Black Friday PS5 deals landing this week with our full guide as well.

Today's best early Black Friday PS5 SSD deals

WD SN850 SSD | 1TB with Heatsink | $279.99

WD SN850 SSD | 1TB with Heatsink | $279.99 $199.99 at Best Buy
Save $70 - This is the lowest ever price for the 1TB heatsink model of the SN850, so get on this if you want the best bang for buck deal on it! This is brand new price territory for this drive, and we're not sure if it'll be beaten this winter. The non-Heatsink 1TB is also heavily reduced, down to $149.99 (from $230) if you have a DIY heatsink solution to hand.

WD BLACK P50 SSD | 1TB | $250

WD BLACK P50 SSD | 1TB | $250 $189.99 at Best Buy
Save $60 - One of the best and most popular external PS5 SSDs. And for good reason: its performance is awesome, it's strong and robust, has Western Digital pedigree, and it'll future-proof you for a while. The 500GB model is reduced to just $119.99 in today's PS5 SSD deals as well - and the massive 2TB model is down $140, to $359.99 right now.

Samsung T5 SSD | 1TB  | Black | $140

Samsung T5 SSD | 1TB  | Black | $140 $119.99 at Best Buy
Save $20 - This is a quality PS5 SSD to get into your setup. While some of the latest drives will claim higher speeds (which largely become irrelevant at a certain point) the Samsung T5's overall package is attractive here: great capacity, quality design, robust build, reliable performance, and a top console companion.

Samsung T7 SSD | 1TB | Black | $170

Samsung T7 SSD | 1TB | Black | $170 $129.99 at Best Buy
Save $40 - However, for just $10 more than the T5 you could turn it up a notch and go for the T7, the bigger brother. It offers faster read and write speeds, and, if we're totally honest, is probably worth the extra money if you can stretch the budget slightly.

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD | 1TB | $240

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD | 1TB | $240 $129.99 at Best Buy
Save $110 - This is an incredible saving off the list price, but we know the 'real' price hasn't been that $240 mark for a bit. But still! This is an excellent price on an external PS5 SSD and it's robust as heck which provides great peace of mind.

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