There are only a few hours left to avoid the Disney Plus price increase - save $10 on a membership here

There are only a few hours left to avoid the Disney Plus price increase - save $10 on a membership here
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It's your last chance to avoid the Disney Plus price increase, everyone - the service is getting a price hike in just a few hours. More specifically, costs will go up for everyone as of tomorrow, Friday March 26, 2021. If you get an annual membership for $69.99 before then, you can save $10 and hold off the Disney Plus price change until 2022.

Unfortunately, this is the only way to do it; although you could grab a single month at $6.99 now, you'll still have to pay the increased fee of $7.99p/m at the end of April and beyond. The same is true of the bundle with Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus - it's rising to $13.99p/m at the same time thanks to the Disney Plus price increase. 

That's why it's better to get the annual membership for $69.99 before it rises to $79.99 this March 26; you'll be able to maintain the current Disney Plus cost until next year, and save $10 in the process. There's the added bonus of getting 12 months for the price of 10 as well, so you'll be saving even more money in the long run.

Why is the Disney Plus price increase happening now, though? Basically, the House of Mouse is going all-in on its streaming service and the change in cost will help fund a wealth of original shows that are arriving over the next few years. Among others, we can look forward to an Obi-Wan series and new chapters of the Marvel universe featuring Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight as a result (for full details, don't miss the new Marvel TV shows and new Star Wars movies and TV shows coming our way).

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Disney Plus deals

Disney Plus (one year) |  $69.99 one-off payment

Disney Plus (one year) | $69.99 one-off payment
Want to avoid paying more for Disney Plus price? Here's your chance. The cost will be going up to $79.99 in just a few hours, so investing now saves you $10 and means you won't have to pay extra until 2022. What's more, you're getting 12 months of the service for the price of 10.

Disney Plus gift card (one year) | $69.99 at Disney Plus
If you'd been hoping to give Disney Plus to someone else, you need to move just as fast - a Disney Plus gift card will cost $79.99 as well from March 26 onward. Just remember, this card can only be redeemed by new subscribers.

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