The SFXperts need you!

The SFXperts, our resident team of SF know-it-alls, love to answer questions. It makes their day, makes them happy when skies are grey and sometimes causes them to do a spontaneous little jig in the street. But in order to pursue their true calling they need questions, and that’s where you, the readers, enter the equation.

Have you got a dim and distant memory of a book you read once but can’t remember the title? Want to know how many redshirts kicked the bucket in Star Trek? Always wondered about that fly wandering across Belloq’s face in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Or maybe you’ve spent half your life having sleepless nights trying to identify that guy out of that thing where that thing happened to that other guy?

If you’re tearing your hair out looking for answers, the SFXperts can help. All you have to do is email your question to and our crack team of factsmiths will get to work in their quest to supply you with an answer in a future issue of the magazine. Not only will that fact-shaped gulf in your life be filled, but you’ll have made an SFXpert’s day. That’s got to be worth something in this topsy-turvy world...