The Penguins of Madagascar get their own spin-off show

While we worry that the fanaticism for all things penguin-flavoured (mmm… penguin lump soup…) died right around the time that Surf’s Up washed up at the box office, DreamWorks are hoping that, much like Dinosaurs, the monochrome maniacs of Madagascar will prove to be a hardier bunch.

It was inevitable that the best part of Madagascar would end up with their own spin-off, especially since they’ve already been featured in a couple of shorts attached to the DVD, and, more conveniently will be back in 2008’s sequel Madagascar: The Crate Escape, which will arrive mere months before the TV show.

"The DreamWorks Animation team developed richly creative characters that lend themselves to a series of their own - they are just plain hysterical. We can't wait to treat our audience to the same vibrant and vivid CG animation that audiences loved in the film,” blathered Nickelodeon group president Cyma Zarghami in the official release statement.

So we can expect Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private to continue their (mis) adventures as they go on missions around the New York Zoo and the city itself, often with King Julien (sadly missing the vocal talents of Sacha Baron Cohen this time). We just hope it does better than DreamWorks’ last venture into the world of TV ‘toons, Father Of The Pride…

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