The Order: 1886 collectibles guide

Chapter 5 - Agamemnon Rising 

Rules of Engagement 

Metal Case
When you reach the ladder with the magnetic lock, turn right and look on the trolley at the end of the walkway.


Phonograph Cylinder 6 - Agamemnon Christening
After leaving the cockpit and picking the lock ahead, turn left and go up the steps then check on the trolley.

After taking out the two guards, follow the corridor then enter the small room on the left and look on the table.


Phonograph Cylinder 7 - Evacuation Procedures
After sending the lifeboats on their way and entering the armoury, look on the right-hand desk in front of you.

Once you've overloaded the door lock and entered the weapon store, look on the right-hand side at the far end.


After clearing the kitchens and climbing through the corridor wreckage, turn right at the next doorway and look on the cart at the end.

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