The Order: 1886 collectibles guide

Chapter 9 - An Uneasy Alliance 


Blackfriars Tunnel Flyer
At the start of the chapter after moving the collapsed support pillar, on the desk to the right of the tunnel.

Phonograph Cylinder 8 - The Anarchists 16.10.86
Once you've pushed the cart out of the way, turn left and head up the tunnel instead of proceeding forward until you reach the crate.

After exiting the tunnel and dealing with the guard, go past the track switch to find a work bench.


When you enter the foundry, look on the desk to the left-hand side before heading up to the hoist.

Phonograph Cylinder 9 - Cable From the New Continent
After using the hoist to reach the other side of the door, look on the shelves at the bottom of the stairs.

Once you exit the foundry, follow the building around to the left and look on the bench.

The Plot Thickens 

When you enter the building, head up the stairs then turn right and go into the office, then look on the side behind the desk.

Model Ship
After entering the next building, go straight across the corridor into the office and look on the side to your left.

Phonograph Cylinder 10 - Cargo Inspection Log
When you head down the stairs, turn right at the bottom and pick the lock on the first door, then go through and check the desk at the far end.

Munition Room 

Greater Union Flyer
After fighting through the dry dock and picking the lock to enter the next building, turn left and check on the desk.

In the same room, head up the stairs in the corner and look on the bench at the top.

The Warehouse 

Uniform Memorandum
Once you enter the large warehouse to find marked crates, turn right and look on top of the crate by a large red tank.

Light Bulb
At the far end of the large warehouse, on a desk.

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