The Order: 1886 collectibles guide

Chapter 11 - Brothers In Arms 

The United India House 

After you enter the house, check on the side table beyond Francis' desk.

In the next room, on the side table to the right.

Phonograph Cylinder 11 - The Anarchists 17.10.86
On the rooftop, go down the steps on the left side before jumping across the gap and follow the alley to a crate.

Covert Mission 

When you reach the gate you need to unlock, turn around and enter the small room then check on the desk.

After picking the lock to the building and getting the directive to Clear the West Wing, look on the side table to the right.

Not a Moment Too Soon 

Tea Tin
Once you meet your accomplice and reach an area with a fountain, follow the path to a door before reaching the fountain and check on the desk inside the room.

At this point you should unlock the Power of Observation trophy.


Phonograph Cylinder 13 - News From the East Indies
After the shootout in the mansion, follow your accomplices through the door downstairs then check on the side table immediately to the right.

Statement as to Death
In the same location, hack the door in the corner of the hallway then look on the desk.

Phonograph Cylinder 12 - Ramayana, First Verse
At the top of the spiral staircase, at the far end of the room on the table.

Inside the room with the piano, on the side table to the right.

Finding Proof 

Skull Note
In the Archives, on the desk to the left from where you enter.

Phonograph Cylinder 15 - The Captain's Testament
In the Archives, in a drawer in the last unit on the left from where you enter.

At the far end of the Archives, on the desk with flowers.

Phonograph Cylinder 14 - Chopin, Prelude in E-minor, 'Dying Away'
In the Archives, in a cupboard in the first unit on the right from where you enter.

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