The Order: 1886 collectibles guide

Chapter 3 - Inequalities 

Into Whitechapel 

Turn around at the start of the chapter and go past the stagecoach, then follow the road to a crate at the side.

After your partner breaks down the wooden doorway barricade, check on the desk inside the room.

Shelter Flyer
In the area where three men are beating a guy up, head down the stairs into the shelter and find the crate at the far end of the room.

Rebel Declamation 

After shimmying through the tight alleyway and beating up the guy on the other side, head past the indicated door to the end of the street and look on the barrel by the cart.

A House of Ill Repute 

Inside Aux Belles Muses, on a table next to the drunk man.

Ravens of London Pouch
On top of the roulette table near the stage.

On a small table near the bar.

Good Times 

Phonograph Cylinder 3 - The Anarchists 12.10.86
In the area where you jump over to an opening near a hanging net of goods, shimmy left instead of entering the next building then open the box on the roof.

Phonograph Cylinder 2 - Sons and Daughters of Britain
In the room where you turn the crank to move the hanging net, on top of a crate.

The Puppet Queen 

After dealing with the rebel ambush and moving the cart, climb up it then enter the building ahead on your left and look on the crate at the side.

The Eyes in the Sky 

After leaping across the alleyway and climbing through a window, look on the side.


Once you've fought the rebels and dragged the injured constable into the shop, check on the counter.

Roles Reversed 

After bringing down the bridge and swinging to the next balcony, enter the room on the left inside the house and look on the side table.

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