The Order: 1886 collectibles guide

Chapter 4 - An Endless Battle  

Whitechapel Underground 

Ward Reception Log
When you arrive in the reception area, head to the raised area by the windows and look on the desk.

Holding Cell 1
In the Whitechapel basement, head down the stairs then interact with the first door on the left.

Holding Cell 2
Also in the Whitechapel basement, interact with the third door on the left.

Stay With Me 

In the main Rebel Hideout room, on a desk to the side by the large maps on the wall.

Shipping Contents Manifest
In the same room, in the centre on a desk.

Phonograph Cylinder 4 - All Through the Night
In the Rebel Hideout, pick the lock on the door at the far end, then look on the table inside the room beyond.

Phonograph Cylinder 5 - The Anarchists 29.09.86
In the same room, break open the crate on the floor near the hanging uniforms.

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