The essential movie websites you need to subscribe to

Total Film’s presence online isn’t just limited to this new site – we’ve also expanded to your other favourite corners of the internet.

From YouTube to Facebook, the new team can be found across the web, sifting through the mass of movie-related stuff and highlighting the best.

But we need friends. So if you have an account with any of the following sites, give us a shout by using it.



Twitter will let you know what we’re thinking almost the instant we think it. From first reactions to movies we’ve just seen, to our gut instinct on new trailers, you’ll see our thoughts there first. It's like being able to look inside our heads - with all the bad things filtered out.

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We spend a frightening amount of time every day on YouTube, so subscribe to the Total Film YouTube Channel for our pick of online videos, short movies and stupid things that make us laugh.

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We’ve had a Facebook Page for sometime now, but now we're able to integrate it into the site. Subscribe to our page and get all our latest news automatically delivered to your Facebook account.

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The hub of the web. Digg rounds up some of the best movie features online. But it's not all worth reading - so we promise to only highlight the best.

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Facebook might have stolen its crown, but aspiring artists, writers, musicians and filmmakers still swear by MySpace. The Total Film MySpace page is our home in the land of Lily Allen and Kash Nash.

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