The Butterfly Effect has a remake in the pipeline

In one of the more bizarre pieces of reboot news we've heard in the last few months, Variety reports that The Butterfly Effect will be getting a lick of paint and a quick polish for a whole new audience.

The original film, released just ten years ago, was billed as Ashton Kutcher's breakthrough into the world of serious acting, casting him as a troubled college student capable of going back in time by reading his old diaries.

While it may not have completely reinvented Kutcher, the film was a considerable success at the box office, raking in nearly $100 million worldwide and spawning a couple of straight-to-DVD sequels.

That, seemingly, is enough to have convinced New Line offshoot Benderspink to sign off on a reboot, with original co-screenwriter Eric Bress reportedly at work on a new script. No director has been announced as yet.

In a Hollywood landscape where original features seem increasingly outnumbered by sequels, prequels and reboots, this latest news seems particularly unimaginative, but we'll reserve judgment until we find out a little more about this version...

George Wales

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