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The brand new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is available for preorder

Xbox Elite Series 2 controller deal

Xbox made waves at their E3 2019 showcase by announcing their next console, Xbox Project Scarlett, an 8K powerhouse positioned to challenge Sony for next gen dominance. One of the most exciting parts of a lengthy announcement reel was the reveal of the next iteration of the Xbox Elite controller, the current version of which is the best controller for PC gaming and my favorite controller of this console cycle.

While the Project Scarlett launch date isn't until holiday of next year, we won't have to wait nearly as long for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, which retailers have listed as available for pickup on November 4th, 2019. You can preorder one for yourself right now at Walmart.

The new version of the Elite packs all the features we loved from the original, like perfectly positioned back paddles so you can use d-pad or face button controls without moving your thumbs off the sticks. It's got customizable thumb sticks, profile switching, and some really premium features like hair trigger locks and adjustable tension analog sticks. The variable stick tension was shown off to great effect during the sizzle reel - cutting around hairpin corners without over steering in a frenetic racing game looked dead easy. 


Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 available for preorder at Walmart
Secure an upgraded version of the best console controller and make sure you aren't left wanting at launch. If the original model is any indication, they're likely to sell out fast. 

Of course, putting Elite in the title of your controller is a clear signal you're going to pay a premium price; the Elite Series 2 starts at $179.99. That's a lot to ask for a controller, but for a ridiculously high-quality gamepad packed with high-end electronics, it's not unreasonable. If you think of it in the company of some of the best PC peripherals, like the best gaming keyboard or best gaming mouse, it suddenly feels a lot more palatable, and you can use it on PC or any other compatible device across Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless, or USB-C. 

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